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Yellow Fever

No description

Margaux Allen

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Yellow Fever

by Margaux Allen Yellow Fever Casualties Yellow Fever is found in Latin America and Africa
There are 200,000 cases of Yellow Fever annually
30,000 cases end in death Symptoms fever
mucle pain
loss of appitite
nausea or vomiting
Yellow fever affects the digestive
system Yellow Fever Facts Transmission Yellow fever is usually transmitted through mosquitoes and monkeys
Yellow Fever is a virus
Yellow fever is also infectious
It is a pathogen Treatment There is no specific treatment for Yellow Fever. They can treat the symptoms but not the actualy disease.
There are no disabilities caused by Yellow Fever. Vaccine There is a vaccine for Yellow Fever
Everyone should get the immunization
There are no road blocks to immunization people Prevention Yellow Fever can be prevented by the vaccine and mosquito control. Yellow Fever in our Community Yellow Fever is not a threat to our community because we
have the vaccine and we keep our mosquitoes in check. THANKS
WATCHING To find out more about Yellow Fever read...
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