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Photography Project

No description

Mohamed Kawy

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Photography Project

Action Shots

An action shot is a still photograph that shows someone or something in motion or action.

The theme is energetic and action photos which means photos that have energy and motion such as sports photos.

These photos are organized in a chronological order
There are many subjects in this photo. They are running in a straight line. The motion and energy is in them. They are warming up before a game. There is a line and the players are running on it. There is also depth of field. A one can see the first player at the end of the picture.
The goal keeper (Subject) is trying to get the the ball (Shape). The motion and energy is in the ball. The subject also has motion in his entire body. There is also depth of field in which you can see the in the back the street.
The person (subject) is diving in the water. There is motion in his entire body. He is jumped in an angle to make him get in to the water faster and easier.
Mohamed Kawy
A person (subject) kicking the ball. The motion is in the ball (out-of-focus), however the focus is more on the person. There is also a shadow of the ball and the player on the back. There is a feeling of energy which comes from the power of the shot ball. You can also see that he is off balance due to the power of the shot ball. The shot ball is in the foreground, the subject is in the middle ground. There is also depth of field from the point the player is standing to the far back.
The subject is kicking a soccer ball (shape). The person and the ball are in-focus. However, the ball appear more clearer than the person. The energy is the person's leg then it transferred to the ball. The ball is in motion. Also the ball is right next the person. You can see the shadow of the person and the ball.
The subject in this photo is a soccer player bouncing the ball (shape) using his feet. Unlike the photo before, the ball and the person both are in-focus. The person is standing parallel to the line on his side. The person is not using a lot of energy on the ball. He is controlling the ball by not using a lot of power. He is also standing with his feet close to each other to keep himself in balance.
Sports cause the feeling of energy. Energy can't be shown in pictures but it can be felt.

is the movement of an object or subject, many of the photos that I took have motion.
Design Elements
Depth of Field
Theme & Explanation
This is a photo of a swimmer preforming the butterfly stroke. The motion is on his arms in which he is moving them really fast. The focus is more on his head. The lines are straight at the back of picture, but in the foreground the lines are not straight. He is using his energy by moving his arms which cause the lines to bend. This photo shows energy
A soccer goal keeper saving a shot ball. The subject is in air that shows motion. The subject are somewhere in the middle-ground. The energy is in the ball and the person because he is using his power to stop the ball from entering the goal. His left is parallel to the upper post and the bottom line of the goal. The goal is the shape of a rectangle
The subject is this photo is hitting the handball using his arm. The ball is in motion and the energy in his arm. There two parallel line and one line perpendicular to both of them behind the subject. The subject (person hitting the ball) is in-focus however the person on the side is out-of-focus. The subject is also in the middle-ground of the photo.
This is a photo of a swimmer preforming the butterfly stroke. The motion is on his arms in which he is moving them really fast. The focus is more on his head. The arms are out-of-focus. The energy and motion are on his arms and legs which cause the motion of the water in the background of the photo. There is a lot of energy used to do that stroke.
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