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How a Plant Cell is Simular To The Tardis

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Jordan Paldino

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of How a Plant Cell is Simular To The Tardis

How a Plant Cell is Simular To The Tardis
What is a TARDIS?!
A TARDIS is a spaceship from the Sci-Fi fantasy, Doctor Who. It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, and is used to carry the Doctor and his companion through time and space. (And it's bigger on the inside)
Let's Begin With... The Doctor!
The Doctor is most like the Nucleolus. He has all of the knowledge (DNA, RNA) to control the ship and make sure it has the right instructions.
His assistants
His Assistances are like the Ribosomes. They are there to "help" the doctor with his adventures in the TARDIS and follow the Doctors orders.
The Corridors
The corridors are similar to the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum. They provide storage to the TARDIS, and the Ribosomes(Assistants) are attached to them.
Structural Support
The structuler support helps the TARDIS from collapsing on itself. It is much like the cytoskeleton of the cell, which has the same function.
The "Heart" of the TARDIS
The Heart of the TARDIS is the place where the TARDIS stores all of the energy before using it. If the TARDIS uses the energy, it will be in there for a brief amount of time. This is just like the Vacuole of a cell.
Huon Energy Pump
The Huon Energy Pump is like the Mitochondria of the cell. It's purpose is to take the Huon energy from the TARDIS, and turn it into energy the TARDIS can actually use.
The Eye Of Harmony
The Tardis uses panels to convert the Eye of Harmony's( A super nova exploding forever) energy into Artron energy, whick it can use, much like the Chloroplasts.
Book Carts
The book carts of the TARDISes library are similar to the Golgi Apparatus in the cell. Like the Golgi Apparatus, it delivers books through the TARDIS.
In the TARDIS library, when you get a book, the doctor has it set up to where you put your books in a bag. This bag is for easy mobility, like the Vessicles of the cell.
The Air
The air in the TARDIS is most like the cytoplasm.
It surrounds the cells organelles, and
It allows easier mobility (because if there was no
air in the TARDIS, it would be a lot harder to move).

The Doors
The cell membrane functions like the doors of the TARDIS. It keeps unwanted things out, and lets needed things in, like civilians.
The Control Room
The control room of the TARDIS would be the nucleus off the cell. Like the nucleus, the control room maintains the TARDIS, and has the nucleolus (Doctor) in it.
The Library of the cell is like the Golgi Aperatis. Like the Golgi Aperatis, it gets information(Protiens) through out the cell.
The Trash Can
The trash can, like the lysosomes, keeps the TARDIS clean. it takes the unwanted waste, and then is disposed of, and The Doctor gets a new one.
Like the Cell Wall of the cell, the paints job in the TARDIS is to provide extra support and stop the TARDIS from falling apart. The paint keeps the doors and wood of the TARDIS from chipping and falling apart. This is helpfull because it helps prevent the doors from chipping.
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