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RE 11 Unit 2 : In the beginning....

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Melissa Damur

on 15 February 2018

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Transcript of RE 11 Unit 2 : In the beginning....

Adam /Eve
- why did God test him?
- love requires total self-giving
-self-sacrifice is essential to our relationship with God
-God needs to be in the drivers seat

Ex.) marriage

So...how do we fix our epic fails??
Post- Lesson
In the beginning....

-discuss and jot down your conclusions

What do you know?
- why is this story important?
-Is the story of Adam & Eve true?
-does Evolution contradict the book of Genesis?

Story of Creation
- Get a Bible and read Genesis 1
-summarize what happens on each day
- science vs.
religion debate??
10 mins
With a partner in 2 mins:
- What do you know about the story of Adam and Eve
-Why is it significant to our Christian story?
-creation ex nihilo
"formless and empty"
- God gives it form and fills it

Word Up!!
-How does God create?
- Word of God = Jesus
- Holy Trinity from the beginning
-7th day = God rested
-why? Is He exhausted?

-Creates the world and humans out of love
-Sabbath is a sign of that love
Genesis 1
-Hebrew word for covenant is sheba based on the number for 7
-God's binding himself to creation
-created in the "divine image of God"
-the world was fashioned as a sanctuary - the holy place God dwells
-Adam was conceived as a priest

Adam's Duties? (ref. Genesis 1:28 & 2:15)

Man Falling Down
-Read Genesis 3
- is it a myth? fairy tale? fable? a riddle? or a "proverb"?
Characters involved:
-serpent = Nahash,
deadly, powerful, evil creature
Scared Unto Death?
- Adam = scared for his life
- he chose to save his life but would up losing it
-feared dying disobeying God which resulted in slavery
-God who loved him and gave him everything
Who is to blame? Adam or Eve?
- Adam and Eve were together the whole time
- Hebrew the who used for "you" is equivalent to English's "y'all"

-Why didn't Adam speak to the serpent?
-out of fear; he failed to remain faithful to God and failed protecting his wife
-Ephesians 5: 25
Fun Facts about Men and Women!!
-Who has more cooties?
-Who are bigger momma mommas?
-How much of their lifetime is spent looking in the mirror?
-How many words per/day?
- which drivers are worse for the environment?
- Why doesn't he listen??!!!

Pius XII stressed this essential point: If the human body take its origin from pre-existent living matter, the spiritual soul is immediately created by God
How does God reveal himself?
-Adam and Eve were exiled but are promised redemption

-Mary new "Eve"
- Eve disregarded God's commands
Mary freely gives herself to God's will
-Eve "mother of the living"
Mary is given to be the mother of Jesus and the ppl. of God
The New Adam
-Jesus is the new Adam
-Jesus enters the world as the new Adam, the person Adam was suppose to be
-Jesus comes to do God's will not his own
-Jesus serves and sacrifices his life
On the same page you recorded what you knew about the book of Genesis answer the following question:
-what concepts, terminology have you learnt from today's lesson
-how Jesus the new Adam and Mary the new Eve
-What significance does this lesson have for our lives?
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