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The Ronald McDonald Project

No description

Amanda Drake

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of The Ronald McDonald Project

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What They Do and How We Helped
The Soda Tabs
The Ronald McDonald House provides a shuttle for patients that have to get across town to different hospitals.
The shuttle pays for gas by trading in soda tabs.
My girl scout troop collected over 300 soda tabs just from our 5 families.
The Blankets
Every kid that goes to The Ronald McDonald house is given a fleece blanket that was hand tied and donated to the house.
Most blankets were very small and only had patterns for young children, and the house takes kids as old as 21.
We each made a full size, solid colored blanket at home and also made two more as a group.
The New House

The Ronald McDonald Project
The Breakfast
Because the house only has 3 hired staff members, they rely a lot on outside help.
Full meals are cooked completely in house by volunteers that sign up o help.
The house gets lots of sign ups for lunch and dinner but breakfast is served at 7:30, and you have to be there an hour early to cook it. All the food has to be cooked in the house because of health regulations.
We went to cook them breakfast on December 26th, 2016 and are planning to do it again in the summer time.
The Ronald McDonald House houses people from all over the world so that they can have the best medical help around.
Because the length of most stays are unpredictable, families have little to no cost.
They only have 3 full hired staff members!
My Girl Scout troop participated in three different service learning activities to help the house.
The new house will have about three times as many suites so they house even more families who are in need!
They will also be hiring a few more staff members!
My Girl Scout troop 818, including me, holding some of the blankets that we hand tied.
Seven Best Practices:
My troop and i thought long and hard about what service learning project that we should do. It was actually one of our troop leaders who suggested that we help The Ronald McDonald House.
After working with the house we all agreed that we were all very thankful that we have our health and have a new understanding of different life styles.
We all agreed that we would love to do something like that again. Especially for a place as amazing as The Ronald McDonald House.
My experience at The Ronald McDonald House really made a difference in my life. I have a new appreciation for the life I have and will never forget the kids I interacted with.
How I Was Impacted:
I feel that everyone should be involved with house even if they just put money in the collection jar at McDonalds
No one will really understand until they experience the house for themselves.
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