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Habit 1: Circle of Control

No description

noelle kreider

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Habit 1: Circle of Control

Mark teasing him about his height
my actions
Circle of NO Control
Circle of Control
my attitude
my words
my thoughts
my dedication
my past
other people's thoughts
cleanliness of my space
my grades
other people's words
what school I attend
cleanliness of my school
other people's attitudes
other people's actions
where I live
My thoughts are determined by my paradigm.
I can make my paradigm more accurate by considering other perspectives.
make the best choice
I have the freedom to choose...
I only have control over myself.
I can use that control to influence others and
my environment in
positive or negative ways.
Circle of NO Control
Circle of Control
Mark blocking his shots
How tall he is
His brothers' supportive attitudes
his determination
his mother's support
his response to Mark
listening to his mom and dad
putting first things first
believing in his dream
practicing basketball skills
his response to disappointment
whether or not the other kids would let him play
whether or not his team would win
image source: www.amazon.com/Salt-His-Shoes-Michael-Pursuit
my future
I can write my own script. I can control my thoughts by visualizing the person I want to be and the goals I want to achieve.
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