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p5-Gabe Person

No description

Know Strength

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of p5-Gabe Person

Mesopotamia Only the priests were allowed at the top level of the ziggurats. The Mesopotamia civilization started around 3000 BC. Slaves were usually bought and sold to somebody. The story of Gilgamesh is probably the oldest story recorded in the world. Each city-state had it's own god. The ziggurat was always found in the middle of the city. They invented the first written language. Priests always had their heads shaved. The Mesopotamians invented wheels,writing,money,and irrigation. The cuneiform became the written language from as early as 5000 BC. Mesopotamia had a population of 24,000 people. The Fertile Cresent has parts of 5 countries in it. The Mesopotamians raised sheep, goats, and cows. Priests controlled the irrigation systems and also had more power than the king and queen. Priests would read the liver of chickens and lambs to see what the gods wanted for sacrifices. The rich lived in large homes, and the poor lived in smaller homes, but nobody lived in huts. Rich and poor, most homes were clustered around the Ziggurat and each other. Most houses shared walls, like townhouses do today.
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