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AP: Non-European Christendom

No description

Luke Bailey

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of AP: Non-European Christendom

AP: Non-European Christendom
Good News
-I will not make you outline pages 410-most of 415. That's because I'm so excited to talk about the Byzantine Empire tomorrow.

-No, this will not be a common occurence.

-This will be a quick 20 minute lesson, then I'll check yalls notes while I give you time to outline in class bottom of 416-421.
-Christianity originally in east AND west, then declines (thanks Islam)

-Two main types of Christianity- Catholicism (Western Roman Empire) and Orthodox (Eastern Roman Empire)
Asian Christianity
-Islam ALMOST wipes out Christian faith (small pockets remain, often known as Nestorians)

-Treatment depended on attitude of local Muslim rulers (Dhimmi tax only? Nice. Complete destruction? AHHH)

-Small church does emerge in Tang China thanks to Persian missionaries. Dies during Ming dynasty.
African Christianity
-Like in Asia, Islam a nefarious force

-Large Coptic Church in Egypt- thrives all the way until 1100s with Crusades

-Faith strongest in Nubia/modern Ethipopia until 1500 when Muslim armies conquered it.
-Remember the Axumites? STAYED CHRISTIAN

-Weird, isolated version of Ethiopian Christianity survives completely cut off from the Christian World. (Prester John)

-Queen of Sheba and Queen Solomon?

-Ark of the Covenant?
Start Outlining. Bottom of 415-421
Dome of the Rock (687 AD), Jerusalem
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