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Lakeside 2050

No description

Katrina Dye

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Lakeside 2050

What will our school look like in 2050? Materials? Design? Features?
Specific Buildings (i.e. Primary, Science wings, etc...)
What will you see inside a classroom? Desks? Tables? Technology? Lab equipment? Walls? Bulletin Boards? White Boards? Seating? Equipment for teachers?
Safety Features
What safety features (interior and/or exterior) can you foresee for our school district?
Menu Options
Parking Lot
What kinds of cars do you see in the parking lot?
Do you foresee students still riding buses?
Will there be other forms of transportation?
The Student
What does the average student carry?
What sorts of technology will be a regular part of the school day?
Fashion! What are students wearing?
What other trends are popular (hair, makeup, etc...)?
What careers are students having to prepare for in 2050?

Lakeside 2050 Project
Create concept maps for several categories.
Base your predictions on what is possible.
Consider trends (both past and present).
Study concept maps and choose the concept you are most interested in. Research trends, considering trends already present at LSSD.
Begin sketching out your ideas. Label your sketches. Make notes on your sketch (features, explanations, etc...)
Create an isometric sketch. Label your sketch.
Create a brochure which will include a cover page, labeled sketch, explanation of features, and FAQs.
Culminating Activity
We will host a Lakeside 2050 Trade Show in March. While at the trade show, you will be expected to discuss your ideas with trade show attendees. Professional dress and demeanor will be the standard. Brochures will be loaded on iPads. You will display your visions to attendees on the iPads.
Lakeside 2050
Lakeside 2050
The Future of our School
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