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Darin Gray

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Onc

We decided to use division of labor to conquer all the given tasks.
Landon & Daniel: Bottle Rocket and Glider.
Juliette & The Best Guy Ever: The Rocket and Parachute
Mario & Sandy: Airplane
Model Rocket
Problems / Solutions
For the Bottle Rocket and Glider, we had to deal with finding a way for the glider to detach itself from the rocket in the air. We accomplished this by using a paperclip hook and the tip of the rocket. We also had to deal with a broken glider after the first test run.

The main problem with the Model Rocket was the weight. The rocket was too heavy for the small charge to cause lift off. After a short test run, we adjusted it and rebuilt the entire rocket. It was just smaller and the center of gravity was in the right place...ish.

The most general problem with the Airplane was to place and stick parts of the airplane perfectly so that they would work smoothly.

In all, the main problem was...
This week was Aerospace and Chemical Engineering. We applied Bernoulli's and Newton's theories on flight for these projects. We had to use our knowledge of math and physics to find the center of pressure and the center of gravity and adjust them for a successful flight.
Bottle Rocket & Glider
We're blasting off for the last time!
Definitely more teamwork and working with other people rather than remaining within our "assigned" project.
We would definitely be more precise and careful with our measurements and calculations.
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