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Titanic Film Music

No description

Anthony Georgiou

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Titanic Film Music

In this film there is a Symphony Orchestra which plays the most of the parts. At the beginning there is the string section (violin) playing the melody with cymbals crashing twice to add thrill and sudden change.

In this scene there are also brass instruments which you can hear after the strings before the characters, (Jack & Rose) start talking. This instrument is the trumpet which is muted and there is also a bass drum doing the same role as the cymbals before.

Halfway through the scene when the glass breaks in the dining room the string and brass play together and play loud so it can be heard over the breaking glass and the screaming. There is also some opera voices that sing a crescendo note to add tension as they start to drown and struggle for air.

As the back of the ship starts lifting the lower brass instruments play long notes to make it sound big and dramatic like it is. Near the end of this scene when Jack and Rose look over the side of the ship more Opera voices sing the melody.
Titanic (1997)
By Anthony Georgiou
This piece from Titanic was made specifically for this scene by the famous James Horner. It is also a perfect example of Mood Music.

The music is also played by a Symphony Orchestra in 4/4 or Common time.

Film Music Type: Mood Music
Film: Titanic (1997)
Composer: James Horner
Music Title: Unknown

Why Is It Mood Music?
Dynamics & Tempo
The dynamics in this film clip change throughout the scene through when the characters are talking at 0:25, the instruments go soft so you can hear them. The opposite happens when something big and important happens like when the ship starts to lift and the lower instruments play long forte (loud) notes.

The tempo in this Titanic scene is mainly the same speed but there is one spot in this clip where it speeds up to get our attention and to tell us that something bad is going to happen, which happen in lots of movies (Jaws, Physco). This example can be found in 0:50-1:00 where it leads up to the dining hall roof glass breaking. The italian word for speeding up in music is "Accelerando".
I think that this movie scene is a perfect example of mood music because it sets the scene of a ship on the ocean from the crashing of the cymbals all throughout the movie clip reminds me and I'm sure many other people of the crashing of the waves.
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