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Nail Biting

No description

Travis Peck

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Nail Biting

Discussion Travis Peck Nail Biting
MY STEPS TO SUCCESS Methods Results Behaviour Levels Target behaviour description with a complete functional analysis Biting nails
inserting finger into mouth and using teeth to take a piece of nail off or otherwise alter the amount, shape or structure of nail.
Picking nails
using a finger nail to take a piece of nail off or otherwise alter the amount, shape or structure of nail.
Modified definition (Adesso, Vargas, and Siddall, 1979): produce lasting change in nail
. Literature Review By Time Behaviour Frequencies Incompatible Behaviour Recording Sheet (Data Collection) Token Economy
(Reinforcement contingencies) Each target behaviour = Each Incompatible response = 47 04 36 01 Total Number of urges in A = 83
Total Number of urges in B = 58

30% decrease in urges Total Number of bites/picks instances in A = 83
Total Number of bites/picks instances in B = 5

94% decrease in bites/picks = 11.85 = 0.71 = 11.85/day = 8.29/day By ABAB Phase By Location Emotions Introduction Reason

History Why this behaviour? Bad habit - unsuccessful previous attempts
Physical appearance
Difficult tasks
Extreme, (rare), cases: pain/bleeding Method used to obtain results

Not invasive or time consuming
In behavioural repertoire (no skills training) Treatment Package

Outcome not process
Essential component? - token economy?
Reinforcer generalization Success! But why?

Statistical and personal success Generalization

Maintaining conditions (come across/unaware)
Symptom Substitution? - Awareness

Other people Modifications

Token Economy
Social Reinforcers
Center on emotions not instances
Longer ABAB design (context) Initally collected by hand. If without recording sheet, notes would be made and transcribed later + - Awareness Outcome Negative Punishment Positive Reinforcement
Progress (obstacles or setbacks) Started with two BCPs
Self recording sheet was annoying
False Outcome
Smooth sailing Results analysis /day /day Crichton, L. L. Evaluation of token economy effectiveness in a day treatment program for persistently mentally ill adults.

Coleman, J. C., & McCalley, J. E. (1948). Nail-biting among college students.

Rasmussen, E. B., & Newland, M. C. (2008). Asymmetry of reinforcement and punishment in human choice.

de Luca, R. V., & Holborn, S. W. (1984). A comparison of relaxation training and competing response training to eliminate hair pulling and nail biting.

Adesso, V. J., Vargas, J. M., & Siddall, J. W. (1979). The role of awareness in reducing nail-biting behavior.

Coleman, J. C., & McCalley, J. E. (1948). Nail-biting among college students.

Bigelow, G., Strickler, D., Liebson, I., & Griffiths, R. (1976). Maintaining disulfiram ingestion among outpatient alcoholics: A security-deposit contingency contracting procedure. A1 B1 A2 B2 Maintaining Conditions As we'll see: Thoughts
Locations: prevalence of people
Activities: automatic VS conscious
Emotions: negative Differential Reinforcement of an incompatible behaviour

Negative punishment

Self recording sheet

Token economy - 0.50

Rapid reduction of maladaptive behaviour
Motivation to not engage in TB
Directly influence TB Grade School Middle School High School NOW Positive Punishment Horror Movie ABAB Will Power
(No interventions) - 2.50 + 26.50 Token Visual Motivation Overlap between Days/Times/Locations --> Suggesting other Maintaining Conditions responsible for behaviour
Role of other people
Role of awareness? Contingency contract with addicts
Don't throw away money Backup reinforcer
Decided upon before start
Wouldn't do it otherwise Goal: Reduction in frequency and amount. NOT elimination Right Left Negative Emotions
Relaxation or differential reinforcement
DSM "We've just lived through at least 27 minutes of high anxiety. The nail-biting is finally over but my nails are actually gone."

- Colleen Hartman Contract: Summed up and administered after ABAB has ended + 0.50
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