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Counting Coup: A True Story Of Basketball And Honor On The Little big horn.

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george kanku

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Counting Coup: A True Story Of Basketball And Honor On The Little big horn.

Counting Coup: A True Story Of Basketball And Honor On The Little Big Horn
Book By Larry Colton
Southeastern Montana
Major Charatcers
Short Summary
COUNTING COUP is the story of the girls' varsity basketball team of Hardin High School in Crow, Montana. The team is comprised of both Crow Indian and White girls, and is led by Sharon Laforge, a moody, undisciplined, yet talented Native American who hopes to be the first female player from Hardin to earn a basketball scholarship to college and Lead her Team to the Finals.
Reason for Writing
The Reason Larry Colton Wrote Counting Coup was because he became interested and curious about young Native American Athletes and he became to wonder why Native American Athletes never got Scholarships for College basketball even though they were very good at the sport and Basketball was a something that was a Passion for theses young Natives.
Project By George K Ngalamulume
My Opinion

Very Interesting
Not hard to follow through
gets you hooked up

Lawrence Robert "Larry" Colton ( Born June 8, 1942) in Los angeles, Calif, A One-time professional baseball player for the Phillies in 1968, and is a writer and educator in Portland, Oregon.

Major Character in the Story is Sharon LaForge, A 17-year-old Native American basketball player who lit up the gym with talent, spirit, and a fierce will to win, a young woman engaged in a heroic struggle not only to lead her team to the state finals but also hope to get to college with a basketball scholarship.
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