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My Leadership Journey

No description

Jonathan Sclater

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of My Leadership Journey

Imagination Island
The Kingdom of Imagination
My Leadership Journey
"A view from the top"

Jonathan Sclater
"Engaging the imagination is not a sugar-coated adjunct to learning; it is the very heart of learning. It is what brings meaning and sense and context and understanding to the knowledge we wish to teach."
Kieran Egan
"The innovator's mindset is the belief that the abilities, intelligence, and talents are developed so that they lead to the creation of new and better ideas." ~ George Couros
"To learn, after all, is to become different, to see more, to gain a new perspective. It is to choose against things as they are. To imagine is to look beyond things as they are, to anticipate what might be seen through a new perspective or through another's eyes." ~ Maxine Greene
It takes effort and determination to keep climbing higher; especially when there is often such resistance to keep moving forward and the uncertainty of where that path might lead, and so it can be easier to just keep the status quo.
Being a trail blazer...
"Real happiness is found through taking on worthy challenges, often against formidable odds, that address our purposes."
~ Andy Hargreaves

The River
A view from the top
Jonathan Sclater
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