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Human Footprint Facts

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leron berry

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of Human Footprint Facts

Human Footprint
Planet earth facts
Human threats to animals
more than 550 animals are listed as endangered, or threatened because our human footprint.
Humans and their trail of waste in a lifetime
Humans leave behind 64 tons of waste in a lifetime.
Development and wetlands
Each year development drains 110 thousand acres of wetlands.
On average we go to see our doctor, or physician 263 times in a lifetime.
Oldest part of a human
The oldest part of a humans is our brain.

The average human life seeing the doctor
Average human life
The average human consumes 37,320 pills in a lifetime
Humans and showers
The average human takes 28,433 showers in a lifetime
Daily human Life
An average human consumes 5,067 bananas, 13,248 beers, and 43,371 sodas.
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