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Containerize It!

No description

Ryan Stelly

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Containerize It!

Containerize It!
Who's using it? What for?
Spotify & eBay


Cloud providers
AWS Elastic BeanStalk
Google Cloud Compute Engine

Apache Mesos
What can I use it for?
Rapid development - a speedier Vagrant

Standardize and share your environments

Continuous Delivery / Deployment

Build your own SaaS

Build your architecture around containers instead of VMs
Docker Hub
Community component

Manage and browse docker repositories

Public and private options - Much like GitHub
Unlimited free public repositories
One free private repository
~$1/private repo/month for addtional

`docker` - the command line tool
Some common commands:
`docker run ...` - initiates a container from an image
`docker ps [-a]` - lists running [or all] containers
`docker images` - lists all existing local images
`docker build ...` - builds image from Dockerfile
`docker search ...` - search Docker Hub for an image
`docker pull ...` - pulls docker image from Docker Hub
`docker [start|stop|restart|kill] ...`

`docker [rm|rmi]` to remove a container or image require some `awk`ing
What is Docker?
A platform for sharing and running
application containers

It includes :
the `docker` command-line tool
the `docker` daemon
Docker Hub

One of the fastest growing OSS projects. In only 14 months:
13,000+ GitHub stars
2,200+ forks
450+ contributors (including me!)
Simple syantax
FROM - defines base image
RUN - executes arbitrary command (/bin/sh)
EXPOSE - expose a port
on the container
ENV - sets environment variable
ADD/COPY - copy file from build context to container
CMD - default command or options to starting process
ENTRYPOINT - command that runs on container start

Used by `docker build`

AWS Elastic BeanStalk direct Dockerfile support
An Introduction to Docker
What is a container?
Think OS-level virtualization

BSD Jails, Solaris Containers, OpenVZ, LXC

Sandboxed environment (Isolated processes and filesystem)

MUCH lighter than virtual machines (sub-second provisioning)

Similar to mobile apps
Ryan Stelly (@stelly_ryan)
Support the organizations mentioned above

Hire women

Make the work environment safe for women

Inspire young women in your life to hack, fight fires, start businesses
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