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Codes and Conventions of horror films

No description

Scott Dumbill

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Codes and Conventions of horror films

Codes and Conventions of horror films
Typical themes
Childhood issues
Good vs Evil
Living dead (zombie/vampire)
Science gone wrong
Depression/Mental problems
Freedom/ control
Typical characters
Monster of the night (werewolf, vampire, zombies)
Final girl (the last victim standing)
The non believer
loved up couple
Horror sub genres
Horror can be split into sub genres:
The Monster Scare
Psychological Thrillers
Sci-fi Horror

Typical features
There is usually elements of things such as death, murder, the unknown, unnatural, ghosts, vampires, zombies, blood, some kind of weapon like a knife or axe. There is often a antagonist out to kill the protagonist and they have to fight for survival.

The settings within horror films are usually isolated, abandoned or locations with a hidden past this can create a sense of tension and how they are alone, these are usually set at night time. However the setting for a horror genre is varied and can be set in almost any location at any time of day.
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