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Jody Sanghera

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of WTO

International Organization Project
By: Jody

Reasons for creation
Was created after world war two after GATT was established. The WTO was created for international economic reasons and to stabilize international balance. The organization takes parts in international trade, trade policies, transporting laws and other economic related issues.
Strengths and weaknesses
Due to the fact that the WTO is an international economic organization it has both its strengths and weaknesses. One of the weaknesses would be the amount of time its takes for the WTO to react due to the fact so many procedures and countries are involved. Another weakness seen by many people around the world is the fact that this organization doesn't give enough attention to developing countries that lack economic support from their own country. On the other hand the WTO has its strengths also. One of the main strengths of this organization is the ability to bring international peace. It has also promoted international trade and laws for trade relations all across the globe.
Canadian Involvement
The Canadian market relies on international trade. Due to this factor it is greatly dependent on the WTO and has a great connection with this organization. Without WTO the Canadian would not be stable and as effective as it is today,
Related Canadian foreign policy goals
Canadian economic growth would be very little and ineffective without the WTO. This organization has created strong relationships between Canada and other countries around the world. The stability and growth of Canada's economy has all been lead by the WTO.
Nationalism sacrificed in the interest of internationalism
Countries that members of this organization loss some factors of nationalism in order to pursue internationalism. Some of these factors are the amount of power they have on the decisions that are taken by the WTO. Pursuing internationalism in this organization also brings forward the opportunities to expand their economies across the globe.
Reasons for creation
This organization was created in order to unify the European countries during times of war. It also was found in order to stabilize the economies in these countries and create trade relationships with each other. This organization lead to the creation of the Euro, which is the currency in Europe and also a central bank in Europe
Strengths and Weaknesses
The EU is a organization with great power. That doesn't always mean that the power will always be good. One of the biggest weaknesses if the European union is the loss of sovereignty. This power is also not distributed equally. There are huge economic differences in the EU also. These examples set aside, there are also many strengths ti the EU including the fact that it provides economic stability and support to the members of the union.
Canadian involvement
Canada has a very good relationship with the EU and also takes part in the EU election. The EU and Canada started off with strictly economic reasons but over the years the relationship has grew. Now Canada and this organization work together on international related challenges such as global warming
Related Canadian Foreign
Policy Goals
The Eu and Canada have relations with each other due to economic growth and the aulity of life they want to see around the world. The EU and Canada want changes in the environment and global warming and other international problems they feel should be illuminated.
Nationalism sacrificed in the interest of internationalism
The EU is a organization that unifies the European countries but it also puts on stake the sovereignty each participating country has. Not each country has equal rights in this organization. Although, this organization makes it easier for the European countries to have financial relationships with each other. EU also stabilizes the economies of the member countries.
La Francophonie
January 1, 1995
April 18, 1951
World Bank
July 1944
Reasons for Creation
The International organization of La Francophonie was created due to the French-speaking people wanting political and economic stability. They wanted to develop a organization that protected their rights and language from interference of other countries. This organization also helps promote the French language.
Strengths and Weaknesses
One of the main strengths of the La Francophonie is the unity the organization holds. All the members of this organization share a collective thinking of promoting the French language and want to pursue French traditions and culture throughout the world. This organization also has many members resulting in the organization having more power and stability. One of the weaknesses if this lingual organization is the growing costs of education and translation services. Others say this organization leads to racism against other cultures and languages.
Canadian Involvement
Canada is greatly involved in this organization. It is one of the many members in this organization. Canada has also hosted summits for this organization multiple times. Quebec's first language is French which is pursuing the organization's main goal. Making French the second official language, all of the provinces and territories are greatly involved in this organization.
Related Canadian Foreign Policy Goals
Canada's involvement in this organization is related to peace and security and also quality of life for the French speaking population of Canada. It is related to peace and secruity due to the fact that thus organization protects and justifies French-speaking people. This organization also helps promote the french language and culture which helps the francophone population lead a better quality of life.
Nationalism sacrificed in the
Interest of Internationalism
Since this organization is one that promotes culture and language, many countries may feel their official languages and cultures put in danger. Although, this organization allows security and stability for the member countries. It also helps the francophone people assimilate into society.
Reasons for Creation
World bank was created after World War 2. When the organization was first started up it was developed to rebuild Europe after the war. The World Bank lend out loans to countries across Europe. The first loan was lend out to France in 1947 with the amount of $250 million. This money was used to reconstruct parts of France that were destroyed during the war. This organization helped bring back stability in the European countries. Over the years this organization has helped in situations such as poverty and environmental reasons. Now the organization is open to all countries rather than just the European organizations.
Strengths and Weaknesses
The amount of power the World Bank Group has is unreal and one the biggest strengths of the organization. This organization has over 100 members and tons of support. It also has a lot of riches, one of the biggest financial organizations in the world. On the other hand, it also has its weaknesses. One of the biggest and most important weaknesses of this organization is the way they distribute the riches they have. Many critics agree that the World Bank doesn't dsitribute the riches equally throughout the members. The rich countries are given more favor compared to the third world countries.
Canadian Involvement
Canada has always been an impacting member for the World Bank since 1945. The relationship has grown over the years and Canada works along withe the World bank to end poverty and start financial projects across the globe. Canada is a great financial supporter of the World Bank.
Related Canadian Foreign
Policy Goals
Canada is involved with the World Bank for many reasons. The first reason for involvement is for economic growth. If Canada is ever in nee of financial support the World Bank is always a choice they have. Another reason for Canada to be a part of this organization is due to quality of life. Canada and the World Bank together have been trying to improve the quality of life across the globe by trying to help and reduce poverty.
Nationalism sacrificed in the
Interest of Internationalism
The World Bank is one the biggest international organizations resulting it in having great power. Being a member of this organization can lead to you not having much power in the organization. Some member also are't as involved in the organization as other members are. Loss of sovereignty and economic growth can result in being a member. On the other hand being a part of this organization allows you to have peace and security in your nation.

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