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IntentAds at Lunchtime

Let us change the way you think about geo-targeting.

Kevin Dalias

on 7 August 2010

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Transcript of IntentAds at Lunchtime

Welcome to Meet Jack. Jack's at work. He's hungry. He starts to surf the web to take his mind off lunch. Jack moves his cursor to the IntentAd and instantly sees a list of the nearest locations. We help consumers act on immediate needs by automatically delivering
highly relevant and local information. Jack ends up at CNN.com and sees an
ad that makes his stomach grumble. Jack gets lunch and McDonald's gets a new customer. He uses the built-in map to discover a McDonald's restaurant
is only a few blocks away! Contact sales@intentads.com and let us change the way you think about geo-targeting. It's a McDonald's IntentAd. IntentAds automatically customizes every single ad impression to feature local stores, including an interactive map and messaging/sharing features. Not to mention the fact that you only pay when a user demonstrates intent to buy by rolling over and interacting with the IntentAd. IntentAds also gets more accurate with every impression thanks to our patent-pending geo-learning technology. All other impressions are free. We're making ads local,
one impression at a time.
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