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What are the main physical and technological resources neede

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on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of What are the main physical and technological resources neede

In this presentation we will be focusing on how the physical, technological and human resources affects Tesco's performance.

Physical resources:- tangible resources/items.

Technological resources:- intangible resources/items.

In a large company such as Tesco there are crucial physical resources needed. An obvious example is a building which is the heart of the business, without the building there is nothing.
Within the building contains various sections where different facilities are located for example reception.
The reception of a business is where the customers are more than welcomed to speak to any member of staff to satisfy their needs.
Another essential resource needed in Tesco's are toilets, the obvious reason to this is when a customer is helping to build your company you have to give them the basics needed in an everyday life.
Also the customer may have a young child with them and they may need to use the toilet and may also give the customer more time to do more shopping at you store which enhances the profit which could be made.

In a successful company such as Tesco the location is a significant factor for the business to do well.

The reason to this is that every company would like to have a store in an area where supply could meet its demand efficiently, so having your business located in a busy area would be the key for a company to succeed.

Furthermore locations for a company such as Tesco's should have enough space where environmental friendly facilities are placed.

Tesco need to put signs everywhere in and out the store for where to go when there are emergencies.
Have good emergency locations

Have emergency exits all around the store

First aid kits all around the store

Well trained staff to handle any type of emergencies

Emergency Provision
Security systems are essential in companies like Tesco

Security systems should be fitted everywhere around the stores to help both the company and the



Security Guard


Security Systems
Physical and Technological Resources
What are the main physical and technological resources needed in Tesco?
To handle companies like Tesco equipments are needed mainly


Plastic bags


Materials And Waste
All waste should be disposed off regularly

Keep the store clean

Make sure materials are strong

All waste is kept in one place


Technological Resources
Technological resources are what is needed to get the job completed

Slogan “Every Little Helps”






Self service (checkout)

Air con


Thank You For Watching Our Prezi.

By Abdul & Momoh
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