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Electronic Etiquette

No description

CarrollUniversity Orientation

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Electronic Etiquette

More Email Tips
Don't text in class! They CAN see you!
Don't text in convocations, speakers, etc.
*Distracting to others
*You look bored or disengaged
*You may be accused of cheating
*Not the places to multitask
*Remember about future letters of recommendation?

Carroll Email
Check your email daily.
Use your Carroll email to communicate with instructor.
Make the subject clear and informative.
Dr. vs Professor--- some professors want to be called Dr. so double check before you email them.
It is your responsibility to figure out how to use it for each course.
Learn the basics--you will need to use it for 4 years.
Professors are not required to enter your grades in
ITS help desk is your friend.
Electronic Etiquette 101
Tips for
Proper Communication

hey, peggy, if ur free @ 2 cn I cm n talk? Julia from 10:00

Hi Dr. K: I'd like to meet to talk about my last exam. I could come by at 2:00 today if that's convenient. Otherwise, when would you be free on Thursday or Friday? ~Julia L.
Proofread/spellcheck all your emails.
Don't use abbreviations.
Do not assume to use your professor's first name unless they tell you to do so!
Some professors may be offended by lack of formality.
Always ask around and check the syllabus before emailing your professor with a question.
A large number of profs and administrators are on Social Media
Potential employers may check your pages before hiring you, even for an internship
Use the privacy option and good judgment!
Social Media
Start your time off at Carroll right--these are the first steps of your career path

Notice the blocks of free time in your schedule? It’s not all business--just know when to study and when to relax
Actually Writing the Email
Always introduce yourself, especially if you're in a large lecture.
Professors will not know you in the first few weeks
State your reasoning for emailing.
Sign the email with either "Best", "Sincerely", or "thank you for your time".
Sign with your full name on the first email
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