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Douglas K

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Holes

Author: Louis Sachar
Prezi Created By: Douglas Klister

Plot Description
Stanley, the main character, goes to an all boys detention camp. There, the Warden makes them dig holes that are five feet deep and five feet across in all directions. Stanley becomes friends with Zero and the other boys, and has lots of fun adventures with them.
The setting of holes takes places in the present time. Most of the story is at Camp Green Lake.
The main character in the book
is Stanley Yelnats. He is a teenage boy. Stanley is is accused of stealing a famous baseball players shoe so he goes to a detention camp called "Camp Green Lake."
Favorite Passage
My favorite passage from
is on page 216. It is this:

The Warden rushed to them. She hugged Zero. "Thank God you're alive," she said, as she tried to take the suitcase from him.
He jerked it free. "It belongs to Stanley," he said.
"Don't cause anymore trouble." the Warden warned. "You stole it from my cabin, and you've been caught red-handed. If I press charges, Stanley might have to return to prison. Now I'm willing, in view of all the circumstances, to-"
"It's got his name on it," said Zero.
Stanley's lawyer pushed past the tall man to have a look.
"See," Zero showed her. "Stanley Yelnats."
Stanley looked, too. There, in big black letters, was STANLEY YELNATS.
The tall man looked over the heads of the others at the name on the suitcase. "You say he stole it from your cabin?"
The Warden stared at it in disbelief. "That's im . . . imposs . . . It's imposs . . . " She couldn't even say it.

This is my favorite passage because it shows that Zero did learn to read from Stanley. It is funny because it isn't really Stanley's suitcase, it is one of his ancestors. Stanley's dad, grandpa, great-grandpa, and great-great-grandpa were all named Stanley because they liked that it was the same name forward and backward.
About the Author
Louis Sachar was born on March 20, 1954 in New Meadow, New York. At nine years old, his family moved to California. There, he attended the University of California in Economics. He earned extra credits by being a teacher aid at an elementary school. That became his favorite class. He graduated in 1976 and decided to write a book that was like his experience as an aid. He got a job at a sweater warehouse and wrote in the evenings. In nine months, he finished his first book. After about a year he was fired and went to law school. He finished law school in 1980 and got a part time job so he could write books. Then he got married in 1985. In 1987, him and his wife Carla had their first and only child, Sherre. They all currently live in Austin, Texas.
Book Review
The genre this book is in, is realistic fiction. The reason it is realistic fiction is because it is realistic but it isn't about a real person.
Whether or Not I Liked this Book
I liked this book because it was very adventurous and some parts were funny. I liked Stanley, the main character, all the other boys.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure books. This book is good for people who like to read about kids around our age.
One connection I made to this book was when everyone has to dig holes, it reminded me of digging holes in the sand and making castles with my little cousins.
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