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04.02 The Biosphere

No description

jimmy desir

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of 04.02 The Biosphere

The location of the Everglades
⦁ The Florida Everglades, located in southern Florida.

The Florida Everglades

The depths and salinity of the everglades and how this shapes the types of aquatic life present.

predictions or current research on the effects of climate change to the Everglades
The effects of seasonal changes to water temperatures and aquatic life in the everglades

A description of the geography surrounding the everglades

The effects of sunlight on the aquatic life inhabiting your body of water
⦁ An immense, shallowly flooded region, where countless minor hills become islands.

⦁ The everglades has to much sun which can cause algae which can potentially cause to choke other animals.
⦁ The salt level differs from where you are from the coast , Closer being the saltiest. But the salt levels can change due to rainfall and tides.

⦁ this shapes the type of aquatic life because if you have a freshwater fish that swims to close to the salt water area it will not be able to survive. (vice versa)

⦁ it forces they aquatic life to swim deeper due to the fact of of seasonal changes Whether its hot or cold.

⦁ Everglades are to large fire and droughts which can really affect they animals living in the ecosystem.

The Everglades
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