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BRDHS Business Program

Information to promote business classes to students in our high school.

Krysta Brosseau

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of BRDHS Business Program

Business @ BRDHS Courses Offerred BTT10 BBI 2O ICS 2O BMI 3C BDI 3C BAF 3M CLU 3M ICS 3U BBB 4M CLN 4U BAT 4M CIA 4U BOH 4M BTA 3O Grade 12 Grade 11 Grade 10 Grade 9 Introduction to Business Introduction to Computer Studies Information & Computer Technology Computer Science
great overview
excellent life skills
hands-on learning
helps you narrow downgrade 11 choices
good reasons to take it:
1. great job opportunities
2. improves your problem-solving abilities
3. increases your marketability
4. in the computer lab
5. fun! Accounting Information Technology, Gr 11 Entrepreneurship Marketing Law Business Leadership Economics Law, Gr. 12 Accounting, Gr. 12 International Business these courses will
strengthen your skills you won't regret
taking this class, baby SHSM New York City 2012 become a specialist! gain skills for success! get your Business certificate Co-op Ed. Co-op Ed.
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