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William Shakespeare

A brief overlook over the life of William Shakespeare

Eric Trusty

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of William Shakespeare

The Life and Times of One... William Shakespeare William Shakespeare Also known by his nickname "The Bard" Shakespeare was the 3rd of 8 children
(and the first of 4 sons) of John & Mary Shakespeare Shakespeare's father John was a a dealer in agricultural products of Achieved Stratford's highest elected position. However, John fell into financial difficulty. He was paying
heavy fines. He also lost his seat on the town council, and he
never really recovered until William became famous he married his landlord's
daughter Mary Arden In November 1582, Shakespeare (18 years old)
married 26 year old Anne Hathaway and NO! NOT THIS ANNE HATHAWAY ... but this one. 6 months later their first daughter Susanna was born In the 16th Century, things where slightly different.
Though all marriages needed to be performed before
a member of the clergy, it was believed that a couple
could establish a premarital contract by exchanging
vows in front of a witness. This removed the social stigma
of pregnancy before marriage... or as we call it today... a "Shotgun Wedding" 2 yrs later, Shakespeare had twins
named Hamnet and Judith However, Hamnet died at age 11. Shakespeare was living away from his family in London at the time. Shakespeare arrived in London around 1588, and
by 1592, Shakespeare was a rising actor and playwright,
and had written his first play... However, in 1593 all theaters where closed due to..... an outbreak of the plague!! but in 1594, all the theaters where
reopened. Shakespeare joined and partly owned
an acting company named "Lord Chamberlain's Men" During this time, Shakespeare mostly wrote history plays and
romantic comedies emerging around the late 1590's William Shakespeare became very successful, and
his plays became very popular and in 1599, he opened the Globe Theater in London, England It was destroyed by fire
on June 29, 1613 and rebuilt and
open a year later. It was officially closed down
in 1642. In 1997, The Globe was rebuilt (750 ft away from the original) and named
Shakespeare's Globe Theater. It is open to this day, and Shakespeare's plays are preformed year round Shakespeare died on his birthday
April 23, 1616. William Shakespeare was
born on April 23, 1564
in the town of
Stratford-upon-Avon Glover by trade, but also
was a moneylender Grain and Wool Although there not much known about
William Shakespeare's youth, most experts
agree that that he more than
likely attend King's New School. While in school, he likely studied Latin and Greek. and many fans... including Queen Elizabeth I Although the exact cause of his death is unknown, a excerpt
from a diary suggest that while celebrating the marriage of
his daughter, Judith, contracted a fever during the night. On April 26, Shakespeare was
Baptized here at
Holy Trinity Church Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and
154 Sonnets. And just as modern pop culture,
Shakespeare used other stories to
create his own For example, Shakespeare's play Othello
is based on an Italian short story called
"A Moorish Captain" William Shakespeare created or coined
thousands of words that we still use to this day At the time of Shakespeare's arrival, London was a growing
city of half a million people. London is now the largest city
in Europe hktdyfgfutdfluy
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