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Final Task

Unit 1

Stuart Lowe

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Final Task

You are going to tell the people of the
world how to fix one of these problems.
Humans have impacted
on all of the world's habitats.
During this unit we have looked at
You identified lots of these on the wiki.
You have chosen an animal from the
list of endandgered species.
It's important to know where it's habitat is.
is it?
The forest?
A polar region?
A swamp or wetland?
For your final task
Once you have finished the planning sheet
you will then somehow present your ideas
for how to save the habitat.
You could make a large poster telling us
the information you have found out about
the habitat.
or make a model
or make a video
or a powerpoint
or an animation
or use prezi.com just
like this presentation
Or how ever else you want to present it
Checklist of things to do:
Finish your planning sheet, find out the information carefully
Choose how you would like to present your 'Conservation Plan'
Complete the presentation plan
Make your 'Conservation Plan'
Things to include:
Why is the habitat in danger?
What things are humans doing to affect it?
Why are humans doing this?
How can people help to stop this?
Is there anything that you can do to help?
So let's get started!!
Summative assessment
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