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Addie Way

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Addie Way

Softballl sizes and why so big
Some slow pitch play with 12 inch balls. Other slow-pitch games play with smaller balls witch size at 11 to 16 inches.
How the game is played and the rules
Pitchers pitch underhand and games are played with 7 innings
Sarah Miller
Soft material called kapok fills the inside of a softball
Kapok is a cork and rubber mixture
9 ¼ inch balls were played in major leagues earlier in softball history
Why its so big
Hitting, bunting, and feilding
What are softballs made of
Or polyurethane or other materials consist of the softball insides
The outside of a softball consists of
synthetic material or cowhides
and horsehide
A softball is as hard as a baseball and the name “softball” is misleading
inside a softball
the large size makes it easier to handle
Fast pitch plays with a 12 inch ball
Fast pitch games play with 9 players and slow pitch games play with 10 players per side
Batters can bunt and basemen may steal if the ball has left the pitchers hand
Catchers and first basemen (ONLY) can wear padded mitts
Two teams of 9 players play with a bat, ball.
They also play on a diamond .
200 feet distance between home plate to any fence for fair game.
Outside home plate, the
backstop, and foul lines is
a distance of 25 feet
The Runner has to be on the base until the ball leaves pitchers hand or the game would be to easy to steal
found 5/26
site creation May 2015
found 5/26
creation May 2015
Why are Softballs so big?
Because there easy to handle
Created by Addie Way
Why are softballs so big?
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