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Heat Transfer

No description

Audra DeBourge

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer
ISN Notes

How is Earth a System?
Earth is made up of different parts.
Two of these parts are:
envelope of gases that surrounds the Earth
made up of all the water on Earth
Interaction of Atmosphere & Hydrosphere = Weather
Sun's energy warms both gases and water
clouds, rain, or storms may form
condition of the Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place
How is Temperature Measured?
average amount of energy of motion of each particle of a substance
all substances are made up of tiny particles that are constantly moving

the faster the particles move, the more energy they have

thermal energy measures the total energy of motion in the particles of a substance
Air temperature is usually measured with a thermometer.
measured in degrees
two scales-- Celsius and Fahrenheit
C = 5/9 (F - 32)
F = 9/5C + 32
Convert to C : 35 F 72 F
Convert to F : 0 C 10 C 30 C
How is Heat Transferred?
thermal energy transferred from a hotter object to a cooler one
thermal energy transferred from a hotter object to a cooler one.
transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid
atoms & molecules in fluids can move easily
as they move, energy moves with them
transfer of heat btw two substances that are in direct contact
closer together the molecules are in a substance, the better they conduct heat
works best in some solids but not as well in liquids and gases
direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
Heating the Troposphere
the sun heats the Earth's surface
the surface radiates heat
there's conduction btw land and air
in convection, heat transfer occurs through the movement of air particles

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