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1492- 1700 Timeline

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alexandria hermon

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of 1492- 1700 Timeline

1492- 1700 Timeline
1492 Christopher Columbus sets sail to the ocean blue
Christopher Columbus begins his journey to the New World. Taking three ships with him. The Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria
1513 explorer Juan Ponce de Leon lands in Florida
Juan Ponce was the first spanish explorer. He claimed the land for Spain.
England's first North American settlement begins
1585 Walter Raleigh sponsors England's first
North American settlement.
First permanent English colony in North America founded at Jamestown
In 1607 the first permanent settlement happened.
Smallpox virus wipes out most New England Indians
In 1616 the smallpox virus wipes out most of New England
English women arrive in Virginia
In 1618 the population starts to increase due to the tobacco industry growing they need more labors.
Third of population killed in Virginia
In 1622 the indians attack killing a third of the population
Freedom of worship
1691 New Massachusetts charters a permit for freedom of worship
Paper money
Massachusetts starts printing paper money in 1690
First public school
1647 Massachusetts Bay Colony
adopts the first public school law in the colonies
Alex Hermon
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