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Ancient Greek Clothing & Make-up

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Eli Debebe

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Clothing & Make-up

Ancient Greek Costume & Make-up

Eli Debebe & Mohamed Jaidah
Ancient Greek Theatre
Started: Around 525 and 550 BC
All actors were men
Most plays were performed in an amphitheater

Mask were a huge part of Greek theatre, they were color coded

Brown masks indicated a man, and white masks were indicated for women

There was little to no make-up in Ancient Greek theatre because of the masks

Masks along with the ampitheatre help amplified the actor’s voice

Without masks, facial expression would be lost because of the large size of Greek theatres

Due to the masks, actors were able to appear and reappear in different roles, which avoided the public to identify the actor to a specific character.
Costume was an important factor as it determined the gender or social status of the character

Theatre costume was an elaborately-decorated version of everyday clothing worn in 5th century BCE.

In order to play female roles, male actors would wear a prosterneda to imitate female breasts.

A purple costume portrayed a rich man and a red costume portrayed a poor man
There is little information about theatrical costume because of the weak material they were made of.
Actor who played tragic roles wore boots call Cothurneses that elevated them above other actors

Costumes and make-up play an important role in the greek theatre by helping to create a character

Costumes and make-up also help visual aspects of theatre along with the setting and style.
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