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A Place To Call Home

No description

Madeleine Student

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of A Place To Call Home

A Place To Call Home
A New Home
4 Tasmanian Devils come to San Diego Zoo
3 males: Bradley, Bixby, and De-Vos
1 female: Usmar
In quarantine until October 24

All The Way From Australia
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Australia
Most live in forests

An Endangered Species
deadly illness
devil tumor facial disease
6-12 months
rapidly wiping out population
has killed 70 percent of the population
can spread by devils biting each other during normal social interaction
scientist might've found a possible treatment for devil tumor facial disease (dtfd)
a plant that slows the rate of dtfd
in near future possible cure for the disease
Looking on the Bright Side
Fun facts
related to koala's and kangaroo's
size of a grain at birth
jaws strong enough to break metal
eats: snakes, birds, fish, and insects
excellent sight and smell
lifespan 7-8 yrs.
can eat 5-10% of body fat everyday
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