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Feral Children


kalyn wagstaff

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Feral Children

Feral Children By Skylar Bishop & Kalyn Wagstaff Where the wild things are
Peter Pan
The Hunger Games
The Jungle Book
Lord of the Flies
The wild Thornberries
Romulus And Remus Fictional Examples feral child: a human child that has had little, to no human care or experience of loving social behavior, isolated from human contact but most importantly human language. Studies of feral children show how humans would function without traditional human interactions. Most Common Similarities Did not like clothing.
Didn't like sleeping in beds.
Detested cooked meat and alcohol.
could not fluently speak. Genie "Wild child Genie" Victor Victor Of Aveyron Peter found, 1724, in Germany
waited on all fours
capture birds to eat.
was taken in by King George and Queen Caroline
never laughed Peter "the wolf boy" Short stature Mop of thick hair Hooded eyelids Cupid's bow mouth Curve to the upper lip Distaste for clothing With a recent examination of Peter's portrait some believe he an uncommon genetic disorder known as Pitt-Hopkins syndrome.This was influenced by the following traits: Found south of France in 1800
wouldn't sleep in a bed
had no malformation of tongue, mouth or vocal cords
relied on his senses
housekeeper, Itard, taught him human ways Citations Feral Children from Hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca
Sociology: a critical introduction
Room by Emma Donoghue
Feral Children from notes.utk.edu
by John McCrone Itard wrote, "Humans are only what they have been made to be. Any human being has to learn his or her habits, needs, and ideas, and does so by imitating others under the influence of society." Found in 1970
Held hands as if rest on an invisible rail
weight-59 pounds
height-54 inches tall
couldn't chew
couldn't cry
unable to tell the difference between hot or cold
spoke only Negitives Genie's parents were tried with willful abuse Neither of them ever went to prison. 7 months of hospital care spoke single words
had an unsteady walk After 12 months pronounced few verbs
put three words together
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