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Electricity Project

current electricty Project

diego Boots

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Electricity Project

Current eletricity The current eletricity is the flow of eletrical charges.
It is like a complete curcit. They say that the curcit it broken if it is not complete. Mains is another source of eletricity It is extremely dangerous too. There are alot of ways to change circits.
There are also many different types of eletricity symbols like
motor, bulb, cell, and switch if there was a diagram this would help people alot. These symbols are what you call components. - Component symbols
There are things that are like
insulaters that don't allow
electricity to get through them.
Insulaters is an example of
plastic, glass or rubber. which
means it dosen't allow the bulb
to light up. Fact:
Steel silver, gold and copper are very good
conducters. Introduction:
You are about to witness the
facts and figures about eletricity.
Many years ago there was ben
franklin of boston, massachusetts
Decided to dicover eletricity so he
put a kite up in the air on a stormy
night with a key srapt to his wrist,
when the lightning struck fire
sparks were sliding down the
string. After that Ben died on April
17, 1790. Attending at his funeral was 20,000 people. Ben Franklin's grave Switches and energy:
Switches: there are alot of
switches but the main switches
are the push and toggle switches
there are the ones you see the most they are very useful like with technolegy for push switches you can push to let people know things by sending push signal. Toggle switches are really useful when it comes to video games besides wii. Like PS3, X-BOX, PS2, Because it's it's alot more easier if you just use the toggle switch. So that you can just move around easier.

Energy: Electricity produces eletricity to go through your house. Like the wire's connected to poles. fact: the cn tower saves people from getting struck by lightning
by having a long pole on the top that has lights and all sorts of stuff
So when there is a storm it will strike the top of the cn tower but it is
harmless to the people inside in my opinoin because it's a the top of the
tower and they are in the middle so I am in doubt that the lightning will
go down any lower. Credits: This was all by Ken Evanson thank you For reading! Static eletrcity:

Is a form of eletricity
Like that this girl is
doing, rubbing a
ballon to her head
this is a perfect example of static
eletricity because because things in the
balloon attract to your hair. The
trampoline has the excact same job. If you jump on
it and you do a whole bunch of flips and you touch
the springs you will get a strong shock. Why the reason
these to are related are because of the ballon sends shocks
to your head. I am 90 % sure.

Good conductors: Danger hazards: getting struck by lightning is
Afull It's on the show 1000 ways to die cutting
eletrical wires is the dumbest thing you could
ever do stepping in a puddle with a broken light
Many people get killed by those things. It happens
of not being careful going to high distansed places
or going during a storm. Insulators: Are what is Dose not allow the eletricity to
go through anything else that goes through the wire.
an example is plastic.
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