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Kelsey Sosnowski

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Hawaii

Indigenous People Of Hawaii
By: Caitlin and Kelsey
Definitions of:
-Historical Globalization
- Cultural Contact
- Ethnocentrism
The Hawaiian Culture
Where Hawaii is located
Cultural Contact with Hawaii
Global Reaction to the contact
Whats In Our Presentation?
What Is Globalization?
Globalization - making the worlds citizens dependent on each other in social, environmental, political, and technological aspects.
What Is Historical Globalization?
Historical Globalization - A period that started in 1492 when Columbus first discovered the people in the Caribbean, and ending after World War 2 ended. This is when the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as superpowers.
What Is Cultural Contact?
Cultural Contact - Different cultures that have different world views interact to possibly change some perspectives and beliefs.
What Is Ethnocentrism?
Ethnocentrism - The belief that one's ethnic group is superior to another.
The Hawaiian Culture
Food - The men always cooked using wooden bowls. A common cooking method was to spread the food on a bed of coals or over a fire and occasionally turn it. Ti leaves were sometimes wrapped around the food for protection from burning.
Approx. Cooking Times
Sweet Potatoes-
2 hours
3-4 hours
Whole chicken and pig-
48 hours
Recreational Games
Makahiki - A 4 month harvest festival taking place from mid-October to mid-February in honor of the god of rain and fertility Lono.
Hand to hand combat was most common, there was hunting and fishing but they saw those as more of survival than sport.
There was minimal clothing, but garments were a loin cloth for men, a skirt for woman, and a shawl for both. Clothes were made of Hawaiian plants, and dyes were made from vegetables and fruits.
Social and Political Structure
Mo'i - King
Ali 'i - Cheif ; kings main man
Kahuna - Priests and highly skilled craftsmen
Maka'aiana - Common people ; workers
Kauwa - Outcasts
Ali 'i 's and Kauwa's are born into position.
Hawaiian culture is now spread around the world. Because of the first contact with the Europeans, Hawaii is now one of the most popular vacation spots, and the food and culture is known worldwide.

Many of the people living in Hawaii are actually not of Hawaiian descent, but the Hawaiian natives are still thriving and are living across the planet.
Hawaiian Culture Today
Native Hawaiians
The global reaction to the contact with the Hawaiians has been very minimal. Other than people now vacationing in Hawaii, the contact with James cook has not really affected the rest of the world.
Global Reaction
Cultural Contact
~ On January 18th, 1778, James cook was the first European to find the Hawaiian islands.
~ The Natives there welcomed the Europeans and traded with them.
~ The European ships then left for a year to look for the western end of the northwest passage, then returned back to Hawaii.
~ At the time Cook returned, The Lono festival (a festival for their God,) was happening, which had great religious significance.
~ Cook and his crew were treated as gods, but as one of the crew members died, they were proven to be mortal.
Cultural Contact Cont.
~ The relations between the Hawaiians and the Europeans became tense, so
the Europeans decided to leave. But as the seas were too rough, it was only a week before they were forced to return to Hawaii.
~There was a dispute between the two cultures when the Europeans returned, which resulted in the Hawaiians throwing rocks at the ships as they came back, and a mob resulting in 30 Natives and James Cook dying. Cook's crew then returned to England.
Map of Hawaii
Sweet Potatoes
Chicken and Pig
We're Right
Rain God
Cultural Contact 1 and 2
Links to Information
Thanks For Watching!
Hawaii Fun Facts
-The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters
-Hawaii has its own time zone
-The state of Hawaii is the most isolated population in the world
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