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Day 7: Features

feature writing

Chris Waddle

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Day 7: Features

Features "The news writer
tells you the bridge
fell in and how
many cars fell off.
The feature writer
tells you what it
was like to have
been there."
--Jules Loh, AP "Find a subject you
care about and
which in your heart
feel others should
care about."
--Kurt Vonnegut "I staged the life
of every day,
the way we live."
--Aristophanes "Reading usually precedes
writing...Reading, the love
of reading, is what makes
you dream of becoming
a writer."
--Susan Sontag Feature writing has a checkered past 19th-20th century sensationalism Yellow journalism Newspaper wars Standard was sell papers, not tell truth Today we value storytellers Winners may be somber or glad Quite often they tell us about ourselves Guidelines: Show people doing things
Let them talk
Let action and dialogue carry the story
Keep the pace moving Types
Live-in Like a movie
Let people star
Lots of quotes
Reality glamor
Gee whiz factor Problems to avoid Overwriting
Too much concern
Too little concern
Lack of guts
Too much background The bright The documentary The investigation And long stories and series Style Format or manner of writing Tone How it sounds to the ear ______ Selection of facts, quotes,
anecdotes, visuals, word
choice sentence length
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