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Life on earth

No description

carlee atria

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Life on earth

Life on Earth
Precambrian Era
Hadean period
4600 million years ago
Formation of the earth
3900 million years ago
Key each square
= 100m years
Beginning of photosynthesis by
blue-green algae
Archaean period
2500 million years ago
Paleoproteozoic period
Blue-green algae releases
oxygen into the atmosphere
creating an oxic
4000 million years ago
Earths surface cools
1600 million years ago
Mesoproteozoic period
First Eucaryotes
900 million years ago
Neoproteozoic period
Ascending numbers of
multicellular organisms
Ediacaran Biota
Palaeozoic era
545 million years ago
Cambrian period
Primitive algae
Marine invertebrates
490 million years ago
Ordovician period
Waxy coated algae
begins to live on land.
Marine algae
434 million years ago
Silurian period
Invasion of land
by a few anthropods
first vertebrates
410 million years ago
Devonian period
Expansion of primitive
vascular plants
Age of fishes.

primitive sharks
First amphibians
and insects
354 million years ago
Carboniferous period
Beginning of
evoulution of ferns
and gymnosperms
Age of amphibians
First reptiles

An increase
of insect species
298 million years ago
Permian period
Land dominated
by gymnosperms
Vertebrates move onto land.
Rise of the reptiles

Mesozoic Era
205 million years ago
Jurassic Period
Dinosaurs Dominate
the super continent
breaks apart
last of the
seed ferns
First mammals
141 million years ago
Cretaceous period
Gymnosperms decline
Great expansion
of insects

Angiosperms arise
first birds
of mammals
Mass extinction
of dinosaurs
30 million years ago
Land dominated
by angiosperms
Land dominated
by mammals
Cainozoic era
5 million years ago
first hominids
(human ancestors)
0.1 million years ago
Increase in number of herbs
First Homo species
Rise of human
Thank you for listening :)
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