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kenzie and robbie

No description

Bothkennar Primary

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of kenzie and robbie

Canal walk 1 In this photo p 3 to 7 tried to lift up a sculpture. The sculpture was made by Ronald Rae. t Canal walk 1 p3 to p7 went to the Falkirk Wheel and learned about Burke and Hare. f
This is how Burke and Hare suffocated people. Canal walk 2 On canal walk 2 we went to Prospect Hill Tunnel
and we saw the Laughin and Greetin Bridge. This is Prospect Hill Tunnel There were lots of strange things in
the tunnel. These are the faces on the Laughin Greetin Bridge.
Canal walk 3 On the third canal walk we
went to the Carron Sea Lock. We saw a model of the Kelpies
what are giant horses what are
being designed by Andy Scott. These are the Kelpie models. These are the Carron Sea Locks.
Canal walk 4 On the forth canal walk
we went to the Falkirk Wheel
and planted Hawthorn trees. This is us digging holes for
our Hawthorn trees. At the Falkirk Wheel we made
up a song what we all sung.
This is the whole school
singing the tree song we
made. gh CANAL WALK 5 On the fith Canal Walk
we went Callendar woods. This is some of us in Callendar woods.


We played a game to show how
everything is connected to trees. We planted Hawthorn Trees because
they would become homes for animals. This is the actions for a song we made up. CANAL WALK 6 On the last canal walk we went to the
Falkirk Wheel. We all went on a boat
ride on the Falkirk Wheel.After the
boat ride we played in the Irn Bru park.
These pits in the ground are traps
made by the romans they are called Liliu.

After we came back from
Prospect Hill Tunnel we
had to write stories about schoolchildren gone missing. FEET FIRST
After the third canal walk
we wrote a story about a
boat called The Reaper II. made by
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