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Conflict Management

No description

Donna St. Sauver

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Conflict Management

Conflict Management
by Claire Critchlow
Donna St. Sauver

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

What to do?
1. Slow down.
2. Self awareness.
3. Listen with empathy.
4. Communicate consciously.
5. Validate.
6. Shift to appreciation. (5 to 1)
7. Mindfulness.
8. Model responsibility. What can I do?
Feedback Model
Communication Skills
o Remember: the goal of effective communication should be mutual understanding and finding a solution that pleases both parties, not “winning” the argument or “being right”
o Keep in mind that it’s important to remain respectful of the other person, even if you don’t like their actions

Group Activity
Self Care
List the top conflicts you've seen or expect to see as a RA
Reenact a conversation using one of the conflicts
Use the RISC PAUSE model to facilitate effective communication

- the direct expression of one’s view (thoughts and feelings) of the conflict situation and an invitation for the other party to express her or his views of the conflict.
o Listen carefully
o Try to see their point of view
o Use “I” statements
o Voice direct description of your feelings
o Use questions and paraphrasing to check understanding
o Provide and invite feedback
o Respond to criticism with empathy
o Own what is yours
o Look for compromise
o Take time out
o Don’t give up

* Relax. Slow down
* Self awareness. Mindfulness
* Listen with empathy.
* Non judgement
* Detachment
* Adjust your narrative

* Mindfulness
* Diaphragmatic Breathing
* Progressive Muscle Relaxation
* Meditation
Peace Within, Peace Between, Peace Among
~ Virginia Satir
R -
eport the facts, stick to the facts
I - State the
mpact in feeling words
S -
pecify what you prefer to see
C - State negative & positive

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