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Tourism Impact Analysis: Dubai's sustainabiliy

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leong leong

on 28 July 2010

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Transcript of Tourism Impact Analysis: Dubai's sustainabiliy

Environment Facts 7.6 million tourists '08
4114 V 682.7(SG) sq km
1.8M people -Mar'10 V 4.9M(SG) - '09
1 sgd = 2.68 dirham
Burj Al Arab
7 Star
2nd Tallest hotel
60 Floors

Downtown Dubai Environmental
Impacts on Tourism Forefront of the international tourism industry
The impossible becomes possible
There is Growth despite of recession
Why Dubai? Tourism Impact Analysis Dubai's Tourism Sustainability Times Are A'Changin' Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum U.A.E. Labor Regulations Crime Terrorism Growing Tension in Dubai Fishing, Pearl Diving Village, Oil Palm Islands
an artificial archipelago of various small islands
start '03 - '08 60% sold - '09 stopped First Moving Office Building

80-storey tower Hydropolis Palm Jumeriah - 1st project (2001) Culture Diversity Commercialization Media Development GDP Recession Economy Socio-Cultural Entrepot
Free Zones
Considerable FDI
Oil and gas -6%
0.8%, 4.2%UAE
Massive job cuts
'09 - $59 Billions in debt
Abu Dhabi gave $10 Billion

Jebel Ali References Political Burj Khalifa
Tallest Building
'04 - '10

Burj Dubai Fountain Al Mahara 80 Storey building revolving on its own
Proposed in '08 build in '10 but no news World's first underwater luxury resort
20.12 m below Persian Gulf
scheduled to open in late '06
engineering difficulty - suitable position
environmental difficulty - tides and sea levels raised
Etiquette - Dress Code - Dress Conservatively
Trivial mistakes in driving can land you in jail
Consuming of alcohol only permitted in bars and not at homes
Ramadan-Non muslims must fast-80% foreigners
Cosmopolitan society yet rooted in religion

80% of population are foreigners "shopping capital of the Middle East"
70 shopping malls
World's 7th largest shopping mall, Dubai Mal Etisalat (govt) -monopoly over telecommunication services
Internet content is regulated

Government Tourism
Policy Human rights groups and workers’ organisations say the tower has been built using “slave labour”. Construction workers, mainly from India and Pakistan, toiled round the clock for as little as $5 a day. 1) Is the future of Dubai's tourism industry going to be sustainable ?
-Examine it under Soical , Economic & Political factors

2) Why Dubai has chosen to reclaim despite of her relatively large land size as compared with Singapore ?
Suggested Views:
1) Yes
Dubai's tourism development is continuing
and not yet completed - Economic + Political + S0cial
Tourism sustainability and fufilment depends on favourable economic condition and cannot be reliable in an age of uncertainty - Economic
Doubts about certain ambitions and limitations in accomodation and air transport capacity - Economic
Appeal of some of the larger artificial attractions with themes removed from local culture and natural environment may be disappointing and environmentally deterimental - Social

2) Tourism factor, Government plan, Fine desert sand is not suitable for construction, Novel factor

The World
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