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Small as an Elephant

No description

Cailin R

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Small as an Elephant

Small as an Elephant
Written by Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Presented by Cailin Radford
A story about a boy who is left behind by his mother in the state of Maine because of her medical condition. He has to try to find his way back home with nothing but a tent, some comics, and the $14 he has in his pocket. Will Jack make it back home?
Main Conflict
Jack is left behind all alone with little to nothing in the state of Maine
Rising action #1
A family of four notice Jack at the beach and invite him to dinner. The problem is they want to see his mom.
Rising action #2
He goes to the library when he sees a small elephant toy. His finds comfort in the small elephant toy so he slips it into his pocket and burst out of the store with the store clerk shouting at him
Rising action #3
He stays in a store over night. Starving, he decides to take some food out of the fridge in the staff area and eat some. He steals a bike and some clothes and he starts his journey.
Rising action #4
Jack is pretending to be on his way to school when another girl going to school notices him. she chases him into a library where they are locked into a safe. she decides to let him go even though he has been all over the news.
Rising action #5
Jack decided that instead of going home he is going to York to see the elephant, Lydia. Wyatt, Sylvie's cousin, finds Jack and starts driving him to York. When they take a small bathroom stop, jack is found and someone spots him. They immediatley call the police and Jack rushes out the door.
Jack can't tell anyone that his mother has left him because he knows that if he tells anyone he will be taken away from his mother.
" Big Jack" ( A guy working with the police that Jack met earlier in the story) sees Jack running out of a building that has cops searching for him, and he runs towards him and tackles him to the ground. Jack fights back but it is no use. He takes Jack to the zoo to see Lydia. when he arrives his Grandma is there.
Falling action #1
Jack tries to run away when he sees his grandma.(his grandma has always tried to take Jack away from his mother so he doesnt like her anymore)
Falling action #2
" Big Jack " cuts him off and talks to him so he will go see his grandma. Jack slowly walks over to his Grandma.
Falling action #3
His Grandma hugs him and tells him that she had been waiting at the zoo for him for the past week. He goes to pet Lydia but he refuses to ride her. At the beginning of each chapter, the books starts it off with a fact about elephants. One of them said that if you lightly blow into an elephant's trunk it will always remember you. that is what jack did. Then he walked away.
Jack's mom is found on a ship going to a nearby island and Jack fulfilled his objective of seeing Lydia.
Main Character
Jack Martel
He is anxious, worry some, or paranoid. page 74 " how many taste could he have? and what would happen if he tasted the ice cream but didn't order anything?Would the guy think it was strange if he tasted something that he knew he would love?"
Jack is tough. He continued on his journey with a broken thumb. page 62. " The box came crashing down on Jack's right hand. It was his pinky, the pinky on his right hand. His pinky was killing him.page 68. He hated to accept it, but his pinky was probably broken.
Jack is sorrowful. He constantly thinks about his mom and he becomes said. page 258 " (Big Jack) " your mother loves you like crazy. from what I understand, she has an illness" Jack started to cry again. crying tears that seemed like they would never stop.
My Review

I really enjoyed this book. It starts will a fact about an elephant and then it immediately grabs your attention. Only a few pages through the book, I couldn't stop reading. i found this book to be a really good page turner.
Characters: Jack, "Big Jack", Nina, Grandma, Sylvie, Wyatt(Sylvie's cousin), Mom.
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