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The Yellow Wallpaper

No description

taha ansari

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of The Yellow Wallpaper

By: Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Yellow Wallpaper Recap Traditional
Feminist The Approaches: Formalistic Genre: Short Story/ Psychological thriller

Setting: Nursery Home

Characters: John (husband), Jenny (Caretaker), Narrator (Wife) Name Unknown.

POV: First person, narrative from wife

Time: Around 1892

Atmosphere: Starts out normal and then progressively gets darker, scarier.

Symbol: Wallpaper Overview Psychological The Yellow
Wallpaper Super ego Ego Id Her obsession of the paper feels that John’s treatment methods of rest are not working writing about the paper break her down mentally and physically Johns cure: rest and no writing. Any stress to her such as her writing will hurt her more. Her desire to see the baby is stopped by her illness. Her depression balances her ID and Superego Balanced and creative character. Caring husband
oppressed wife She wants to get well quickly so she can get out of bed and get back to her life. Feminist 1. Enforced isolation

2. No fundamental activities to keep her occupied.

3. No say in the matter Female Oppression 1. Husband attempts to discard all writing utensils.

2. She feels as though she cannot express her thoughts to her husband so
her only outlet is writing.

3. “there are things in that paper that nobody knows but me, or ever will”

4. Deliberately creates a barrier between her and the rest of the world. Creativity in women is often turned into a mental illness by men. 1. John plays a more dominant role in the relationship

2. He restricts his wife and takes away her control of her own life

3. Forces her to keep a distance from their baby Male dominance in a relationship Traditional Queer-wrong

Draught-occurred of air

Sticketh-old fashioned Textual / Linguistic Biographical Charlotte Perkins Gilman


Wrote The Yellow Wallpaper based on her life experiences.

During her marriage she began to suffer from depression, possibly post-partum.

Joined femenist group after
divorcing husband.

Diagnosed from incurable breast cancer and died 1935 Historical Century of woman oppression

Very few political rights

Had to obey the wishes of their husbands The End
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