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Lifespan Development

Prelim CAFS: Core 3- Families and Communities

Leah Harrison

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Lifespan Development

Lifespan Development
0-2 years
12-18 years

-List the milestones that you have and will experienced during adolescence.

-List your 4 most important needs currently.
Young Adulthood
18-35 years
Lifespan Development
- Infancy
- Childhood
- Adolescence
-Young adulthood
-Middle Adulthood
- Pregnancy
- The Aged
2- 12 years
Q. List the types of interaction between the children.
Q. Analyse the needs that are of greatest significance to the individual during the childhood stage.
Answer the following questions in relation to the video "Emma".
1. What are the specific needs for Emma?
2. What are the positive and negative outcomes of the situation?
3. What support networks are available for Emma and her Mum?
4. How could this impact on her wellbeing now and in the future?

35- 65
Middle Adulthood
65 +
The Aged
1. Analyse the needs that are of greatest significance in the adolescence stage.
2. Design a poster to reflect the needs of adolescence.

- List the milestones that young adults will experience.
1. What are the needs of an individual during the young adulthood period?
2. Make a detailed plan of your life during the young adult period. (example, education, working, lifestyle, relationship)
3. List the support that will be required to achieve the goals.
- List the people you know within the middle adulthood stage of their life.
1. Compare the needs of young adulthood to middle adulthood.
2. Write 5 interview questions to ask a parent/carer about their most significant needs.

- Write a list of what you think are the most important needs for The Aged.
1. Analyse the most significant needs during the pregnancy stage.
2. In pairs, research 4 different resources/services available to support women during pregnancy. Fill in the table.
- Health care: medicare
- Transport services- maintain friends, social interaction and independence.
- Security and safety
- Financial support
- Emotional support; losing loved ones
- Intellectual stimulation
1. Analyse the most significant needs of individuals during the aged stage.
2. Research support services that are available for The Aged.
3. What the video on the conditions of nursing homes. What are the outcomes of these conditions on the individuals? Explain how their needs being affected.
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