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Maniac Magee

No description


on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee By: Isabella Howley Chapter 1 Chapter 2 In chapter two they call it The Lost Year when Maniac was running and it took him a year to run what should of taken him a week! Chapter 3 In chapter 3 a girl named Amanda
Beale is the first person to finally stop and talk to Maniac, she had a suitcase
full of books, so Maniac asked if he could borrow a book at first she said know but after Maniac pleading she gave him a book. Chapter 4 In chapter 4 Jeffery made 3 other appearances that day one at the football field during Gr. 11 gym class. Brian Denehy threw a ball to James "Hands" Down but before the ball could reach Hands a kid caught but as soon as he caught it he ran off again. Chapter 5 In chapter 1 Jeffery also known as Maniac's parents died in a trolly crash and Jeffery goes to live with his aunt Dot and uncle Dan but he got tired of them fighting so he ran away. In chapter 5 a boy named Arnold Jones was near the frighting house of Finsterwald and high school kids. The high school kids dropped Arnold in the backyard of Finsterwald's but later Maniac went right in and took Arnold out to run off. Chapter 6 In chapter 6 Maniac ate dinner with the Pickwell's but after dinner before anyone could figure out who Maniac was he was gone running on the railway. Chapter 7 In chapter 7 Maniac makes an appearance at the little league field where he was the first to hit a ball from McNab. McNab made an excuse that you he coulden' pitch when he had to pee, this time McNab threw a frog but Maniac still hit the frog. Chapter 8 In chapter 8 the town was buzzing due to Maniac's athletic talents. Maniac went back to the zoo where he had been staying to and he kept reading Amanda's book. Chapter 9 In chapter 9 McNab and his crew the Cobra's decided to get Maniac but Maniac ran all the way to the East end where the Cobra's stopped and decided the darker people would get Maniac. Chapter 10 In chapter 10 as Maniac was running to find Amanda a child named Mars stood in front of Maniac and offered him a bite of his bar so Maniac unlike any other white kid took a bite. Mars then ripped a page out of Amanda's book and after they Chapter 11 In Chapter 11 Maniac was running a kid named Mars tore a page out of Amanda's book and now Maniac is worried about showing Amanda the page that Mars tore out of the book and when Maniac finally showed Amanda the page she got all mad about everyone always ruining her stuff. After her getting mad she invited Maniac to her house. Chapter 12 In chapter 12 Maniac meats the Beale family and spends the evening with them. When Maniac was being taken home he pointed at a house full of black people and said it was his house Mr. Beale knew it was not so he took Maniac back to the house and in the blink of an eye Mrs. Beale said Maniac could stay! Chapter 13 In chapter 13 Maniac becomes great friends with the Beale family and does everything with them, Maniac would always sleep on the floor. When they ate pizza one night they found out Maniac is allergic to pizza. Maniac Magee Amanda Beale Chapter 14 In chapter 14 Maniac loves everything about the east end from early morning to the July 4th party. Maniac played a game of football with "Hands" and some other people. Some people started saying "Hey you that Maniac kid?" and soon enough everyone was calling him Maniac Magee. Chapter 15 In chapter 15 Maniac got famous and him and "Hands" become pals and trash talk together. Maniac really wants to read Amanda's encyclopedia A but Amanda is always reading it so some nights he would read it when Amanda is asleep. By: Isabella Howley Chapter 16 In chapter 16 it talks about what Maniac sees and does not see and it talks about how big kids don't like little kids showing them up and how people don't like what is different. Maniac kept trying to figure out this white and black stuff he saw several different shades of colours none of them being white or black. Chapter 17 In chapter 17 it was a very hot day and a man gets mad because is mad and they have an argument. From then on Maniac ran every day with Bow Wow until one day Bow Wow stopped. Hester and Lester asked Maniac if he wanted to go for a run and Amanda asked him to bike to the store with he, Maniac knowing stores were not open yet Maniac went home and on the house only the F in Fishbelly go home was there. Chapter 19 In chapter 19 there is cobble's knot the corner store and the owner had a huge knot and to advertize he offered a year supply of pizza to the person that could untie the knot. Amanda tried to convince Maniac to untie the knot and finally he agreed. Chapter 20 In chapter 20 the man brought Maniac the knot and it was hard as a rock. It took hours on end, a couple naps, and a box of krimpets. Finally after several oh's and ah's and a lot of doubts but finally all that was left of cobble's knot was string. Chapter 21 In chapter 21 Maniac got his year supply of pizza. When he got home Amanda was sobbing her book in pieces, she said it was her fault she left it in the living room. Maniac felt like hugging Amanda. To make sure the Beale's were hurt anymore Maniac walked away in the middle of Hector street people yelling and Maniac walked right out of town. Chapter 22 In chapter 22 Maniac meets an old man named Grayson, with several questions about Maniac helped Maniac at the zoo by giving him food and a cozy blanket. mars Chapter 23 In chapter 23 Grayson bought Maniac some krimpets and maniac started to want a job something to do but not school because school was like a family. Chapter 24 When they got back to the bandshell where Maniac had been staying Grayson got Maniac dinner but Grayson's questions just never ended he just thought that dark people were so different. Grayson made a half bed up for Maniac and right before Grayson left Maniac asked what did you want to be when you grew up Grayson replied "a baseball player" and then he left for the night. Chapter 25 In chapter 25 grayson bought Maniac breakfast and Maniac convinced him to tell his story so he talked about how he was class d in the minors and he never made it to the majors, he talked about a man playing a trick on him. After a story like that Maniac had to go with Grayson to work and then on they told stories, ate together, and worked together. Chapter 26 In chapter 26 Grayson told Maniac stories and baseball tricks and Grayson found out the money he gave Maniac each day Maniac used for educational books and after grayson hearing that he said he wanted to learn too. Chapter 27 In chapter 27 Grayson tells Maniac how his teachers always gave up on teaching Grayson. Maniac managed to teach Grayson as Grayson taught Maniac baseball moves. yoyoyoyoyo Grayson Chapter 28 In chapter 28 maniac finally had a room and Maniac played with Grayson by making some food with a drink. Maniac decided Grayson would stay the night. Maniac also taught Grayson how he says A-men. Chapter 29 In chapter 29 it was thanksgiving Grayson and Maniac went to the annual football game. They had dinner together and Maniac finally had an adress. Chapter 30 In chapter 30 Maniac and Grayson decorate their home with a wreith, a reindeer, and a Christmas tree. Chapter 31 In chapter 31 Maniac woke up early on Christmas morning and him and Grayson visited the animals at the zoo. Maniac gave Grayson a scarf and Grayson gave Maniac a new baseball and his old baseball glove. And five days later Grayson was dead. Chapter 32 In chapter 32 Maniac took Grayson's hand and it was dead so Maniac just talked to Grayson not going anywhere for help. At the funeral the only ones there were the people who worked there and Maniac. Maniac then decided to just run. Chapter 33 In chapter 33 all Maniac could think of was memories he only returned to his home for a few Items all Maniac could do was just to wander around town. Chapter 34 In chapter 34 it was his second night in the cabin and he heard ghost noises.
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