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My Kitchen

No description

Emma Swenor

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My Kitchen

My Kitchen This is what my kitchen would have in it if I only had $150.00 to spend. Even though this wouldn't get you much at a regular store,thanks to the many wonders of Value Village, I actually was able to get a lot of stuff. The most essential thing I need in a kitchen is a coffee maker. This one is perfect for one coffee lover, as it makes only 4 cups.

Price: $5.99
Total: $5.99 Every kitchen needs at least one pot, and I found this awesome red one. Check out the lid, it has a built in strainer thing.

Price: $5.99
Total: $11.98 A frying pan is another useful thing to have, just in case I want to make eggs or something. This particular one is cast iron, so it might also have some benefits in regard to self defense.

Price: $5.99
Total: $17.97 I also thought I would need a mini slow cooker. We use our full size one all the time at home. (I forgot to put the lid back on before we took the picture.)

Price: $4.99
Total: $22.96 I don't think I could live without a toaster. I use the one at my house almost every day.

Price: $4.99
Total: $27.95 Baking trays are always useful and I picked one with fairly high sides so I could use it for more things. Like if I had to make a massive tray of brownies.

Price: $5.99
Total: $33.94 The need for plates really requires no explination.I figured that I'd need 3.

Price: $0.99 each
Total: $36.91 Ditto for bowls.

Price: $0.99
Total: $39.88 A mixing bowl is another kitchen necessity. For making salads and stuff.

Price: $4.99
Total: $44.87 The need for siverware really doesn't need to be explained. But there's a lot in the bag, eh?

Price: $3.99
Total: $48.86
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