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Salesforce Coding Standard

Salesforce Coding Standard

Puneet Mehta

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Salesforce Coding Standard

Coding Standard for Salesforce
Why Coding Standard are Important?
Free prezi from:

Components of Apex
Coding Standards lead to greater consistency within your code and the code of your teammates.
Easier to understand
Easier to develop
Easier to maintain
Reduces overall cost of application
/** * class description * * @version 1.10 04 Oct 1996 * * @author First name Last name */
public class ColorPickerPanel{
/* A class implementation comment can go here. */
/** *class variables – doc comment */ public static Integer colorVariant;
/** *instance variables – doc comment */ private String colorCode;
Class documentation Comments(/**…**/
class or interface statement
Class/interface implementation comment (/*...*/), if necessary

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