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Introducing Talk for Writing to RKPS

No description

Ben Massey

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Introducing Talk for Writing to RKPS

Introducing Talk for Writing to RKPS
Introduction of whole-school T4W unit
Sense of collaboration and shared-ownership
Whole school working together
Clear progression across the school
The Pineapple that Spoke
Regular staff meetings
Concerns are addressed
Ideas shared & introduced
Staff are supported
Regular group leader meetings
Planning, experiences and ideas shared
Training planned and resourced
Consistent approach across schools
Collaborative support network
Planning and ideas shared with staff
Monitoring & Support
Regular learning walks
Book and planning reviews
Sharing of good practice
Consistency across the whole school
Progression is evident through the school
Peer observations
Story Maps
Working Walls
Working Walls
Writers' Toolkits
Washing Lines
T4W Action Photos
Exciting Writing Boards
School Exciting Writing Board
Enjoyment and immersion
Clear progression through the school
Weekly Talk for Writing Assemblies
Sharing of work throughout the school
An obvious sense of pride and achievement
TA training & regular meetings
Creation and introduction of new literacy planning format
All staff aware of expectations
New Curriculum introduced in planning at a very early stage.
Overall Impact
Talk for Writing embedded in classrooms and teaching practice.
Clear progression in writing is evident across the school.
Writing is constantly celebrated and children feel pride in their work.
Teachers and support staff feel confident and supported.
The standard of writing is improving across the school.
Children of all abilities can access and enjoy writing.
Project leader meetings promote a consistent approach across schools.
Thanks for listening!
Any questions?
Whole-school involved in taking the project forward
Expertise and ideas shared and developed
Literacy Working Party
Teachers, ECAR team and governors
Next steps identified and development planned
Regular reports to governors
Parental involvement and very positive feedback.
The Carrot and the Crocodile, by Farah
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