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No description

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Stromae

Let's get personal
Early career
Stromae had a rap duo group with this guy you see.
First appeared as a rapper named Opmaestro
He formed a group with some guy called J.E.D.I
The group formed when Paul was 18
They weren't THAT big; at least not globally
I really hope this is J.E.D.I
Stromae went to L'Academie Musicale de Jette
Learned to play drums at age 11
Knew he wanted to perform at age 12
He had to work to pay for his arts school education
A bit of a younger Stromae, by like 3 years.
Stromae's real name is Paul Van Haver
He was born in Brussels, Belgium.
He identifies his music as Electro- Pop
He was born in 1985 (He's 28 years old)
He isn't currently in a relationship
How did this guy get Famous???
Well he had these videos on YouTube and they explained how people get famous in the music industry.
His biggest hit ever, Alors on Danse was one of the songs he said would get a person famous.
That song went viral and he got a record deal from Because Music and Kilomaitre.
Made a video and BOOM ... Stardom!!!
Alors on Danse
His biggest hit ever!
It was released in February 2010 in Europe.
The song reached number one in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Turkey, and also reached number one on the European Hot 100 Singles.
1 million copies worldwide were sold
And he wrote it!!
So, Stromae is making a bit of a comeback after 3 years of no music.
He is very excited, but he hasn't given a name for his new album yet.
Some speculate it will be named after the song we'll be listening to, Papaoutai.
He wrote the song himself.
Amateur videos appeared on Youtube showing Stromae, apparently drunk and wandering at the Louisetram and metro station in Brussels during the daybreak.
The images went viral.
Some days later it was revealed that that was the taping of a music video.
the story of a drunk man just broke up with his girlfriend.
It also shows people taking pictures with their cellphones and three policemen talking to the him
Again, he wrote it.
I really like this song
Released on May 17 as a single for his June 2010 album Cheese
The video shows Stromae as a priest on a screen. The people watch him sing on a large screen while initially standing still and, later, starting to sing and dance. ( I've seen this happen a lot in my old church.)
Belgium 1
Belgium 1
France 2
Switzerland 23

House'llelujah .
This video is kind of funny
The little boy has a dad who is really boring (and doesn't move much)
When he says, "Où t'es? Papa, où t'es?", he means "Where are you? Pa, where are you?"(Kinda sad)
Stromae has only seen his dad 3 times in his life; I think that's why he made this song
More facts you didn't ask about:
He was born on Tuesday March 12, 1985
He has no kids
He's a Pisces
(Here is a fact that actually matters) Stromae's career got a major boost in the U.S.A when he did a mash-up with Kanye West.
Stromae confirmed in June 2011 his relationship with former Miss Belgium, Tatiana Silva. They broke up in September 2012.
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