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Sweet Home West Virgina

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on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Sweet Home West Virgina

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
In 1900 wood and coal drew attention to West Virginia
Coal mining impacted West Virginia's enviorment
Coal mining started to pollute air and a water closing problem with the ecosystem
In 1992 a dam was built from mining was broke unleashing a flood killing 125 people

Sweet Home West Virginia
West Virginia's capitol is Charleston
West Virginia's 2 Senators are Joe Monach and Jay Rockfeller
West Virginia has 3 representatives 1 Demecrat and 2 Republicans
West Virginia's state has a 34 member Senate and a 100 member house of Dellgats

West Virginia is 1 of the poorest states in the US
West Virginia is one of the richest states in Natural Resources
West Virginia's most important Natural Resource
is coal
West Virginia's other Natural Resources are gas, oil
and salt
West Virginia's History
The Appalachian Mountains run threw the entire state of West Virginia
West Virginia has the highest elevation with the Appalchian Mountains East of Mississippi
West Virginia is named Mountain State because it has a lot of hills and it is very rugged
West Virginia has 7 important rivers. Including Tug Fork, The Big Sandy, The New River The Kanawha, the little Kanawha, The Cheat, and Monongahela
West Virginia is popular to fishing, hiking, camping, and skiing
These are all west Virginia's sports teams
West Virginia's Maps
There are 47 different zip codes in Charleston
There are 24,294 males and 26,744 females
The elevation in Charleston is 606 feet
In 2003 the population was 51,394 people
West Virginia's Maps #2
A topographic map is a map characterized by a large scale

A political map shows governmental bounderies countries states and counites the location of major city and they usally included significant bodies of water
A road map is a map with all different roads with cities, counties, and countries

A weather map is a map that has different colors witch represents if it is cold or hot
Fun Facts
Nearly 75% of west Virginia is covered by forests
Danny Heater a Student from Burnsville, West Virginia scored 135 points in 1 basketball game
The first fedral prison opened in West Virginia in 1926
Cecil Underwood is the nations oldest govner he turned 77 November 5, 1999
The worlds largest Sycamore tree is located on Black Fork of the Elk River in Webster Springs

West Virginia covers about 24,000 square miles and has a population of 1.8 million
15% of the Nation's total coal production comes from West Virginia
The Cristain Church was begun in West Virginia
The first spa was opened to the public
Mothers day was first observed at Andrews Church on May 10th 1908
This is Coal Field Creations. Since West Virginia is big with coal mining Coal Field Creations is very popular. Coal Field Creations is located in Logan, West Virginia.
History #2
This is a picture of a limestone mine in Morgantown, West Virginia
Economics #2
These are the Appalachian Mountains.
The Appalachian Mountains run threw 10 states:
Tennessee, Ohio, North and South Carolina,Maryland, Kentucky,Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and West Virginia.
West Virginia is nicknamed the Mountain State because it has a lot of hills and it is very rugged.
The Appalachian Mountains start in Alabama and end in Pennslyvania
Beartown State Park
You can hike to a waterfall in Blackwater State Park located in Davis, West Virginia
You can also walk across the boardwalk through huge rock formations
Located in Hillsbro, West Virginia
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