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Åtgärdsportalen, English

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Peter Ringdahl

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of Åtgärdsportalen, English

Future updates
- Dewatering methods for sediments

- Fiber rich sediments (pulp and sawmills)

- "Important questions"

- Reference projects

- Share experience and knowledge

- Finished and ongoing projects

- Contaminants, method, targets for remediation, soil/sediment properties, costs, results, timeframe, contact details e.t.c.

- Stake holders
Chlorinated solvents
Reference projects
- Not a manual

- Demands critical evaluation

- Will never be complete

- Knowledge is up to date

- Experiences and knowledge from other countries

- Access to persons and organisations with competence within the different methods

- May lead to remediation of sites that would not have been remediated otherwise.

- Sorted by properties and how the labs report the compounds

- Environmental and health effects

- Guide to possible remediation methods.

- Free for everyone to use

- Companies, governmental organisations, municipalities

- Members - short info and logotype

- Yearly fee

- External funding

and glossary

- Links and references to reports and sources

- Explanations of words and expressions

- Sustainability - landfills?

- Printed reports are quickly outdated

- Swedish conditions?


- Cooporation between stake holders

Peter Harms-Ringdahl - EnviFix, peter@envifix.se
Helena Fürst, WSP, SGF:s geoteknikkomitté
Peter Harms-Ringdahl, EnviFix
Joseph Jersak, SAO Environmental Consulting AB
Pär Elander, Elander Miljöteknik AB
Johan Helldén, Helldén Environmental Engineering AB
Johanna Svederud, Liljemark Consulting AB
Magdalena Gleisner - Naturvårdsverket
Michael Pettersson - SGI
Klas Arnerdal - SGU
Klas Köhler - Tillsynssamordnare Lst
Maria Sundesten - Golder Construction
Helena Hellgren - NCC
Henrik Ekman - Geoserve
Jonny Bergman - RGS90
Peter Englöv - Sweco
Jan-Erik Lindström - Key Konsult
Tobias Berglin - SGU
Jens Laugesen - DNVGL
Method descriptions
Project group
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