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Marvel Studios

No description

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Marvel Studios

Target Markets
Marvel Studios has a few different target markets
Older generations who grew up with the comics
Young boys

Brand Strategy
Marvel Studios established the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Each movie establishes new canon within the universe as well as expands upon previous movies. This intricate weaving of stories have established a strong fan base, that breathlessly awaits each new installment.
Dominate Strategy
Compared to other action-film studios, Marvel positions themselves focusing on the degree of violence (Y-axis) and the use of special effects within the movie going experience (X-axis)
Marvel's Vision
Brand Equity
Marvel movies have only increased in price with the introduction of IMAX 3D, an optional, more enhanced experience for viewers. The movies themselves are available in different formats for different prices so that they are affordable for everyone.
Product Planning/Innovation Strategy
New Product Development
Marvel Studios established a Marvel Cinematic Universe, a movie universe in which all of their movie settings exist.
At Comic Con 2013, Marvel Announced Their Plan for 'Phase 2,' a movie plan expanding upon established characters as well as introducing new faces
The latest of these movies, Thor 2, opened #1 at the box office
New products must uphold a level of quality if Marvel Studios hopes to remain relevant. Each movie depends upon the other and must fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order for the product line to remain sustainable.
Discontinuous Innovation
Customer Intimacy Strategy
Perceived Quality
Marvel's films have been generally well received by both audiences and critics alike. The Avengers currently supports an 8.2/10 rating on IMDB.
Brand Associations
Since Marvel is so well established, their movies create a feeling of nostalgia for those who have grown up with these characters both young and old.
Competitive Advantage
Marvel movies are known for always placing character development over CGI as well for bringing a sense of fun and wit to each film.
Differentiation Strategy
Low-Cost Strategy
Delivering Value in Ways Unique From Competitors:
Wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
Practice of hiring television and independent film directors to keep the story tight and the characters real so audiences have something to hold onto against the backdrop of special effects.
Product Placement
Negotiate contracts for use of:
Landscape/shoot usage for all sequels
Contract with actors to be featured in sequels and collaboration in Avengers
Process Technology Efficiency, Economies of Scope and Scale through:
Marvel continues to improve upon individual superhero brands by making sequels to their origin stories. Iron Man 3, for example, improves and expands upon Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2.
Continuous Innovation
Customization and Customer Interaction though:
A partnership with Netflix to satisfy and increase movie revenue to show their recent films as the new sequels hit theaters.
The commitment to their fan base to uphold the tradition of Marvel comic books and their characters.
Marvel Universe Wiki
Brand Awareness:
Marvel is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, bringing its famous comics to life through Marvel Studios.
Brand Loyalty
Marvel has a well established and passionate fan base of all ages. DC is its mainly competitor, and both brands have pushed each other into becoming better brands.

Dynamic, community-driven encyclopedia of all things Marvel. It's THE definitive online destination for biographies of the 9000+ characters, places, and things that inhabit the Marvel Universe!

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/universe/Main_Page#ixzz2l84SwLma

Core Values
Business Definition
Strategic Direction
Strategic Infrastructure
Marvel Studios is committed to upholding the tradition of comics while paying homage to the legacy of its characters through entertainment.
Marvel Studios is aiming to sustain its brand as part of the Marvel Universe to become a notable character film franchises entertainment company amongst the many animated, television, feature film and music releases studios.
Core Competencies:
Process Technologies

Commissioning scripts, hiring directors, and casting characters, providing the package to a major studio partner for filming and distribution
Total package character franchise in entertainment, licensing and publishing.
E-Commerce and Social Media
Marvel successfully integrates its image into
multiple social media sites that connects with specific segments within the target market along with e-commerce sites that perpetuates the brand with merchandise

Catering to multiple segments, Marvel uses Facebook to synthesize the most popular posts from it's other social networking sites into one convenient location
Marvel Studios /Entertainment routinely uses Twitter to interact with fans using the #Marvelquestionoftheday

Polls are also sparked which makes Twitter a very interactive social media spot for the firm and fans

Marvel Entertainment publishes most of the Marvel Studios YouTube content which includes movie trailers (like the one embedded here) as well as behind the scenes content and interviews with cast members and directors about various projects and conventions
Considered a less popular form of social media, Tumblr caters to those who consider themselves a part of various "fandoms" comprised of individuals who care deeply for the characters and plot lines within Marvel Studio Films
Marvel Entertainment has an official page
created while Marvel Studios has a fan
established page which includes
information about the firm from
related articles and online
Incredibly Violent
Family Friendly
Lots of Special Effects Present
Few Special Effects Present
New Products
Marvel is consistently adding new characters and new movies to their cinematic universe

• Marvel Studios
•Warner Brothers/DC
Dreamworks Animation
Kelsey Strickler
Emma Nowinski
Janisse Martinez
Marvel Studios
Bruckheimer Films
20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox Animation
Eon Productions
Focus Features
Working Title Films
The Weinstein Company
Newmarket Films
picture of fans cosplaying their favorite
Picture from marvel.com
Discontinuous Innovation
Marvel's recent deal with Disney presents the opportunity for audiences to experience the characters they enjoy in a new theme park. Iron Man will be coming to Disney's Hong Kong park in an attempt to raise sales
Dynamically Continuous Innovation
With the introduction of IMAX and IMAX 3D, Marvel has released more of its films in this format in order to give viewers a more enhanced experience.
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